Creative Peptides Recommends Cell Penetrating Peptides Synthesis

As an international supplier of innovative peptides, Creative Peptides recently adds cell penetrating peptides synthesis for both academic and industrial community on February 21, 2018. With its state-of-art lab equipment and experienced chemists, Creative Peptides offers a comprehensive series of cell-penetrating peptides under personalized requirements. Also, Total Quality Management (TQM) is introduced and applied to further fulfill customers’ complete satisfaction.

Cell-penetrating peptides (also called CPPs, or MTPs) stand out among various types of peptides for its unique ability of crossing cellular membranes, which was traditionally understood as impermeable. By taking advantage of this unusual feature, various biologically active molecules can be efficiently transported inside living cells, and thus CPPs are considered as promising devices for medical and biotechnological developments.

At Creative Peptides, “we offer excellent cell-penetrating peptides that are able to rapidly translocate large molecules into many cell lines including both adherent and suspension cells, that have low toxicity for live cells, and that are suitable for in vitro and in vivo experiments. We make sure the peptides are targeted to different cell lines thereby achieving high yield of delivery efficiency, and at the same time, they are safe to use without any special precautions. Moreover, linear peptides conjugated to proteins or oligonucleotides are also available,” says Dr. Robert Martinez, who is in charge of Creative Peptides’ synthesis businesses.

What worth mentioning here is: to ensure the premium quality of peptides, each step of peptide synthesis is subject to stringent quality control. Finally specifications including HPLC chromatogram, mass spec analysis, synthesis report and certificate of analyses will be delivered to customers for their reference.

Applications of cell penetrating peptides

Cell-penetrating peptides are able to transport different types of macromolecules (or more commonly referred to as cargo molecules) across plasma membrane; thus, they act as molecular delivery vehicles for various types of therapeutic molecules, such as antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antineoplastic, and neuroprotective agents. Because of this characteristic, CPPs have been broadly applied in medicine as drug delivery agents in the treatment of different diseases including cancer and virus inhibitors, as well as contrast agents for cell labeling.

About Creative Peptides

With over a dozen of years’ experience in peptide manufacturing and synthesis, Creative Peptides has made commendable achievements in GMP peptide synthesis, API peptides, cosmetic peptides, catalog peptides, etc.

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