Supercars arrive on the blockchain with Hyperide

Hyperide is a distinctive asset-backed token that combines an innovative platform with the value of blockchain technology, created for automotive enthusiasts and savvy investors.

Hyperide is a revolutionary opportunity that pools the power of crypto technology with the values of well-known alternative assets. The primary objectives of Hyperide are to improve market efficiency and store long-term value for investors. This comes in addition to offering token holders a unique passkey for leisure and remarkable activities in the automotive world. Hyperide plans to achieve its goals by using blockchain technology to make the opportunity available to all types of investors worldwide and has consequently announced the launch of its ICO to allow interested individuals to be a part of this cutting-edge venture which debuts on March 1st 2018.

With the world coming to the realization of their features and benefits, cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets are becoming increasingly popular with investors. Different industries are tapping into the blockchain technology to explore ways of accelerating their efficiency. However, the automotive industry has not particularly harnessed the benefits of this technological advancement. Hyperide is leaping forward with the introduction of an asset-backed token primarily created for investors and car enthusiasts.

Hyperide is tapping into the ever-dynamic and profitable car industry to create the first of its kind “automotive value on the blockchain”. Hyperide also plans to operate a specialised exchange platform and an automobile management & events company with an existing clientele, soon after the launch of the community. This strategy will ensure profitability from a very early stage.

Members of the Hyperide community stand to benefit from a great number of real-life services and will receive a passive income from their investment. To date, there are very few crypto-assets that offer any type of ROI other than the speculative growth in value on an exchange.

Holders of the Hyperide token will also have access to valuable information and research tools about the car market & industry, helping them to make the right investment or purchase decision.

Holders of the token will capitalise on numerous income streams such as supercar/hypercar acquisitions & sales, a proprietary auction platform, Hyperide hubs in strategic locations, events & automobile management, as well as membership revenue from the automotive community.

The pre-ICO is set to start on March 1st 2018 at 12:00 AM UTC. The entire ICO process is divided in four stages, with subscription bonuses starting at 50% for early-stage investors. The ICO will end on June 30th 2018 unless all the available tokens are sold out prior to that date. The ICO is then followed by a monthly token float at an average price of the previous month’s official trading. This strategy of linear floating was chosen to ensure a certain stability in the price of the token over time.

The token price is currently set to 1 Ethereum (ETH) per 1000 Hyperide tokens, with a total supply of 150 million tokens.

More information about the Switzerland-based venture and its ICO can be found at:

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