Tech Savvy Services LLC to Launch QuietQuote

New Jersey – Continuing with the push to move more and more businesses online, Tech Savvy presents a new way to buy auto insurance.

An online marketplace designed to help policyholders and agents come together for the best possible prices on premiums, QuietQuote allows buyers to submit quotes.  Sellers can then offer a better quote based on the customer’s specific needs and desires when it comes to auto insurance.

“An average person goes through considerable stress for a good insurance deal.  Many times they have to register on multiple sites, make several calls, email and bargain for the best quotes on auto insurance,” said Swetha Bandigari of QuietQuote, “the marketplace streamlines the process.”

Policyholders reach out to one another directly and expands the outreach.  This also allows policyholders to gather information to guide their decisions bases on prospective insurance company options.

The marketplace works for agents as well.  Those who are paying for advertising know the burdens this places on their already tight budgets.  QuietQuote means agents can do away with website ads and search engine ads.  QuietQuote earns the agents leads at $2.00 to $5.00 each rather than the $15.00 to $20.00 on per click search ads that only have a 10 percent return rate.

“It is simple to get started on QuietQuote.  Register details for coverage one time.  Agents will then provide quotes back to the policyholder on the dashboard.  This means avoiding all of the hassles of providing the same information each time to a different agent.  There is no charge to register, no membership fees or fee credits.  There are unlimited leads for all customers,” said Bandigari.

Agents only submit quotes to interested policyholders.  This saves them time and allows agents to concentrate on serious customers while saving money.

Security and Safety

QuietQuote saves time.  Users can avoid calling multiple agents and visiting multiple websites.  QuietQuote is a one time registration site, and policyholders can adjust coverage with a quick login.  QuietQuote does not collect sensitive information and is only share contact details with specific agents that the user selects. Users can deactivate accounts at anytime and can stop emails from agents at anytime by logging into the system and making the necessary adjustments.

Media Contact
Company Name: TechSavvy Services LLC
Contact Person: Swetha Bindhu Bandigari
Phone: ?1 (732) 638-1351?
Country: United States