In Case You Missed It: Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Explored Solutionz Innovations’ Smart Trip Widget

Los Angeles, CA – February 23, 2018 – Did you ever see something that was harder than it should be? A near tragedy led one Tampa businesswoman to start a new venture, and Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® recently featured an exclusive interview with her.

After being unable to find a hotel after her niece had an accident halfway across the country, Chicke Fitzgerald went to the lab and created a widget that streamlines the trip planning process.

“We’ve created a little snippet of code that brings the booking of travel closer to the motivation of a trip. Because proximity matters when you travel, particularly if you are going for an event! So any business can add the widget to their website as a ‘visit us’ page. And any system like a CRM system, a calendaring product, a content management system, or even a web company can embed it in their system in just minutes.  Then any visitor to that place can find available hotels nearby in an instant,” says Fitzgerald.

It’s called TripProximity, and it’s useful to more than just people attending events or responding to “life” as Fitzgerald did the day that she got the call to come to Montana.  “Did you know that Billings is 43.52 square miles?  So just finding a hotel in Billings is not good enough when every second counts.”

TripProximity can also “trip-enable” photos and videos for media companies and travel writers. “Travel bloggers inspire people to seek out specific experiences. Smart travel bloggers can enable their readers to plan the trip right from their blog. And without editorial bias, they can now earn revenue they helped generate for the destination.  TripProximity is a tool that helps converts stories to real life experiences.”

Chicke is the founder of Solutionz, Inc.  The Tampa-based company is a tech development company with an extreme focus on differentiation and innovation, with a belief that adoption of a customer-centric strategy and giving back is essential to growth.   

Solutionz also donates a portion of every transaction to charity. The Smart Trip widget can also be used by non-profits and companies alike to give back to their charities of choice, using the company’s micro-donation product, TravelingtoGIVE™.

During the segment, Kathy explores the launch of Fitzgerald’s new business fable, the Game Changer.  This is a fictional story about a travel technology company that gets to a point where they can’t grow further without taking in outside capital.  The story is told in Forest Gump-esque style, introducing the reader to celebrities, politicians and musicians. Chicke weaves in business truths from 12 best-selling business authors and an irreverent cartoonist.  It is now in bookstores and available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other popular online bookstores.

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