Instructor Music Announces A New Downloads Section For Instant Downloads

Instructor Music’s list of categories include Holiday Remixes, Instrumental, Rock n Roll, Striptease, Hip Hop, Old School, Latin, Disco, Motown, Flexx It, Yoga/Pilates, Oldies, Cycling, Classics and DJW.

Instructor Music, the home of original artist mixes for professional fitness instructors, announced the completion and availability of a new download section on the instructor website. The download option gives customers the opportunity to download aerobic instructor music instantly without waiting for the product to arrive via mail. Customers can add the downloaded file to iTunes or download the music to their Android smartphones using the AndroZip File Manager and PowerAmp Music Player apps. The download section is available and fully stocked with popular fitness music remixes.

Countless studies demonstrate the power of music during workouts. Once the music fits the cadence of the activity, people are motivated to work harder. Sites like Instructor Music help instructors determine the tempo (BPM) of the music they want and whether it fits the intended activity. More than just choosing the tempo, Instructor Music compiles selections of aerobic music in different genres. The playlists exude lots of positive energy with cohesiveness, intensity and positive aura. Customers can select a playlist and choose an accompanying BPM to fit the type of exercise.

Jennifer Goldberg, a personal fitness instructor, says style, BPM and genre are only part of the equation when it comes to choosing music for aerobics, Pilates and yoga. “I spend hours compiling a playlist of music for each class. I take my clients’ needs into consideration as music that’s too fast can cause injury. For my yoga classes, I choose music from a holistic point of view, meaning my clients must feel the music to the point where it becomes one with them. More than building intensity and pushing us to work, music serves as a guide. When clients follow the music, I sort of fade into the background, which is the way it should be. Instructor music is the only place online where I can get exactly what I need including the genres, playlists and BPM.”

Customers can order the CDs and receive free Priority shipping with purchases of $200 or more. Alternatively, the download section removes shipping costs for smaller orders and fulfills customers need for instant gratification. Visit Instructor Music online to browse the growing inventory of aerobic music playlists and take advantage of immediate downloads.

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