Rocklean Disco debuts on NASDAQ, lighting up New York Times Square

In March 2018, The Beautools proudly launches the new product,  Rocklean Disco, which appears on the NASDAQ billboard, the largest and most famous advertising billboard throughout the world.

NASDAQ billboard, a major landmark in New York City, has always been the center of Times Square, where top brands present their newest concepts and products. This is the first time that Rocklean Disco is introduced to the public. The debut of The Beautools in Times Square NYC, demonstrating its international strategic layout, is the first important step to spread the brand image. 

All of The Beautools products are non-chemical and non-invasive, advocating natural, healthy and physical solutions to all skin problems. To maintain the life-work balance of modern women, The Beautools introduces a fresh beauty concept “Fast beauty& Salon at home”, saving both money and time for women.

For women, for beauty, The Beautools has always been dedicated to the innovation of “in-home” skin care products, leading the new trend of beauty concept. Its unique and innovative combination of “EX-shock” and pure gold technology makes its products become the best sellers in China and Japan. Meanwhile, its products are certificated by SGS professional certification.

Rocklean Premium 24K, the best-selling product, applies the “EX-shock” technology to clear out any dirt or oil residing in pores, solving problems, such as rough skin, blackheads, caused by clogged pores and restoring the best condition of the skin. It is honored as one of the most wished “future-tech” beauty products in 2017.

Rocklean Disco, new interpretation of Rocklean Premium, represents the exclusive charming personality of modern independent women. The design inspiration of this new product origins from electronic music aesthetics, and exquisite industrial skill cause that each Rocklean Disco possesses its own fancy color. It will sell in the market in March 2018.

As a fashionable beauty brand, The Beautools is at the forefront of each beauty fashion list for a long time. Also, it gains popularity from many celebrities and becomes an indispensable product on the wish list for beauty lovers.

The Beautools aims to bring a promising future for modern beauty: to give woman a confident and exciting life by improving skin condition evidently. In the future, The Beautools will unfold a new era of household beauty in China.


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