Al Miner LTD, one of the most reputable, innovative and leading cryptocurrency companies has finally announced the introduction and launching of the most advanced new automated cryptocurrency mining software (Al Miner) into the market. The much-awaited software which has a lot of outstanding and amazing features was developed and introduced out of the curiosity of the company to continuously make trading easier, convenient, friendly, accessible and profitable to numerous users all over the world. No wonder it has been immediately tagged “the wonderful software” on arrival as it is one in a million, a software like non-in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

Robert Powell, one of the software developers stated: “AI Miner was fully developed by a group of seasoned analytic and professional traders who have put in maximum effort to ensure all measures are put in place to guarantee profit and minimize loss”. Thus, the rationale behind the software is to enable traders to keep having a stable earning on a daily basis. The software focuses on major cryptocurrencies which provide the platform to find profitable trades with over 8 different cryptocurrencies which are perfect for a diversified portfolio. The technical indicators of AI Miner, which are fully automated, gather the signals and the news to perform a fundamental analysis to put the trade in expert timing. In between the technical indicator and fundamental analysis is the hybrid analysis which filters false signals usually associated with manual technical analysis and thereby minimizes any form of error while trading. The software also provided with an artificial intelligence which allows learning in real time as to react to a particular market situation. Al Miner software is also made up of features which allow learning of trading patterns, analysing the winning and losing patterns and listening to improve intelligence.

With much surprise, the enormous edge and features of the automated trading software is not limited to the above as the diversity of the software is so immense that it is capable of conducting multiple transactions at the same time and well responsive across all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone) and screen sizes at relatively the same speed. Funds are secured and can be withdrawn anytime with a lifetime account whose password can be easily recovered. What more can be said of this exceptional and user-friendly software especially in this era of uncertainty and risk in the world of crypto if not to have a wonderful personal first-hand experience of the myriad of opportunities it presents to the traders all over the world.

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