India Ranks Among the Most Spiritual Places in the World for Yoga and Meditation

From its inception a few centuries ago in India, Yoga has evolved and transformed into one of the most useful ways of remaining in shape both physically and mentally for a massive number of people all around the world.

While most people have a belief that yoga is mostly only utilized for physical fitness, the truth is that it also provides mental and spiritual stability. In fact, regular yoga ensures that one’s body functions are in complete harmony with their mind – which greatly strengthens them and emboldens their spirits.

However, for people who wish to take things to a whole new level – there is no yoga experience more enriching than one that is experienced in India itself. India is the birthplace of yoga, and undoubtedly, it is among the most peaceful places to meditate in. The country has a number of beautiful places that are closely connected with nature, providing a calming and blissful feeling of relaxation that is quite difficult to find anywhere else.

The meditation and yoga retreats offered by these schools are ideal even for the people who’re deeply immersed in sophisticated city lives. The good ones among them provide all high-end facilities to the practitioners, despite being situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

India is home to cultural sights, historical importance and a multitude of religions. This empowers its spirituality, as it is the birthplace of Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism. A fairly large Christian and Muslim community also resides there.

Being the spiritual mother of the world, it’s not surprising that the country has attracted a large number of influential people such as Mark Zuckerberg, John Lennon, Mother Theresa, Steve Jobs and others who go there for their spiritual awakening.

With increasing globalization, one is not held back by language barriers or difficulties in communication. Experienced yoga teachers provide comprehensive and completed lessons that rival even the greatest ones provided worldwide. The country houses many prominent yoga ashrams that offer a great deal of flexibility to the foreigners who come to the country for yoga education.

If one wishes to visit India for the yoga experience of their lifetime, then contacting AyurYoga is recommended.

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AyurYoga Eco Ashram is registered as a non-profit Trust, and is operated and maintained by spiritual/monastic seekers. The yoga ashram in India is accredited as RYS 200 + RYS 300 (Registered Yoga School) with Yoga Alliance USA and also as RYS 200 with Yoga Alliance UK (for students from UK and European countries).

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