Quintric Family of Coins to Begin Pre-Launch Promotion

“The World’s First Family of Precious Metal Legal Tender Cryptocurrencies”

In one of the latest moves to bring more stability and legitimacy to the cryptocurrency markets, the Quintric family of coins has just announced the opening of their pre-launch promotion. The promotion means those interested in the new currency will have the ability to purchase a number of coins from the Quintric monetary system before the official release coming at a later date. The pre-launch promotion will be live from President’s Day, February 19th until the 4th of July and those interested in purchasing can sign up on the official Quintric website.

In a market saturated with different cryptocurrencies falling under all kinds of regulatory concerns, the Quintric family of coins is designed to function as another option with not only considerably more stability, but more legitimacy as well. The new concept forwards cryptocurrencies acting as sound money, like that of the dollar when it was previously backed by the gold standard.

The family of coins is the cryptocurrency version of that exact same gold standard. Tokens in the Quintric system—as opposed to nearly all cryptocurrencies—are neither taxable property nor regulated securities but are instead like an old school US Treasury gold and silver certificate, and because of the nature of the tokens, tax and regulatory compliance is far easier than most in the crypto community are used to.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies lacking in tangible value, the Quintric family of coins is set to be 100% backed by gold and silver and held in reserve. The Quintric system will offer coins which are redeemable for tangible precious metals that are to be stored on site combining fully auditable blockchain technology and state of the art vaulting, meaning token holders will be able to confirm they’re really holding gold and silver. The Quintric system is built on the BitShares platform, allowing some of the fastest transactions in the cryptocurrency economy.

On top of the peace of mind token holders get from holding tangible assets, the Quintric Monetary Token will create a byproduct as well, the QuintX. The QuintX will benefit Quint creators, particularly those who are active in the pre-launch promotion running until July 4th, when more about the byproduct will be announced.

The family consists of four distinct coins (and one bonus!):

Quint: The Quint token is fully backed by gold and constitutes five USgold cents (one 1/1,000th of a one-ounce, US legal tender, gold coin). The token can be redeemed on demand, in 1,000 token increments, for an American Eagle/Buffalo gold coin.

QuintS: The QuintS token is similar to the original Quint, but as the Sdenotes, the token constitutes five US silver cents (one 20th of a one-ounce, US legal tender, silver coin), rather than gold. Similarly, the token can be redeemed on demand, in twenty token increments, for an American Eagle/Walking Liberty silver coin.

iQuint: This token is similar to the original Quint, but will be redeemablefor one of any five, one-ounce, legal tender gold coins from around the world: Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Kangaroo, Austrian Philharmonic, or the Chinese Panda.

iQuintS: Sticking with the nature of the iQuint, the iQuintS is just likethe QuintS but is redeemable for any one of five, one ounce, legal tender silver coins from across the globe: Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Kangaroo, Austrian Philharmonic, or the Chinese Panda.

QuintX: A bonus coin that’s going to be a byproduct of the monetarysystem, stay tuned to find out more on July 4th!

Read the whitepaper here: quintric.com

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