John Nguyen, Emini Trading Strategist, Featured On Influencers Radio Show

John Nguyen, a financial expert in the Emini trading world, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show discussing how making educated Emini trades allows investors successfully manage their financial future.

Emini financial expert, John Nguyen, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize discussing the philosophy and techniques he’s using to educate people on how to successfully navigate their way through the Emini trading world.

So many use financial advisors or fund managers to grow their investment portfolios. Nguyen points out that if someone doesn’t understand the trading world and how it works, they can’t know how effective the advisor is being on their behalf. Even if they don’t want to do the work for themselves, if they understand this world, they can at least review their financial portfolio. With the proper knowledge, they can examine the trades that are being made and evaluate if they agree with the direction the advisor is going.

Nguyen shares, “There are different strategies that fund managers use to advocate trading. But they make money on the commission side. So a lot of times, they’re making a lot of money because they’re pulling a lot of transactions in your trading account. And your account’s just not going anywhere, but somehow you keep feeding your broker his commission.

Well, what I do is I teach my students how to recognize how the market moves so that you can actually understand why and where and what those fund managers actually do with your money. Better than just hoping and praying that they know what they’re doing, you can actually look and see whether they know what they’re doing because you are now educated enough to know what they’re doing.”

On the other hand, someone might want to try doing their own trades, even if with just a small percentage of their portfolio assets. They certainly would need to understand how to go about doing this.

Nguyen teaches people about the Emini trading world, which is rather unique because trades happen within a matter of minutes, as opposed to days or longer. This fast-paced financial world can bring you quick positive results in a very short amount of time if you know what you’re doing.

According to Nguyen, “Emini’s are an electronic miniature contract method of trading where you can by-pass some of the day trading rules that are known out there. Basically what I do is teach my students how to recognize how the market truly moves, how it truly works so that they can understand exactly what they’re doing when they attempt to make a trade.”

Nguyen’s student basically look over his shoulder every morning as they follow him on his computer as he calls out the trades in live market conditions rather than after the fact. He fully explains the Emini trading world, what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. This unique teaching strategy has been very successful for his students.

Whether someone wants to review what their fund managers are doing with their portfolios, or whether they want to do some trading on their own, John Nguyen is the go-to expert who will train people about the Emini trading world so they can become successful traders and take control of their wealth building.

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