All About The Canadian Flag Day – National Flag of Canada

The national flag of Canada was officially inaugurated on February 15, 1965. Canadians celebrate this day officially called the “National Flag of Canadaā€¯.

As we celebrate The National Flag Day here in Canada, we are keen to remember the Canadian “maple leaf flag”, in its red and white glory which is flown on many buildings and homes during these celebrations. Many people proudly adorn themselves by wearing pins in the form of the flag. Schools across the country hold special lessons sharing the flags’ rich history.

During the Flag Day celebrations, our business and service to our clients remain open and run like any other normal day. We like to remember that before 1965, the Royal Union Flag, which is also the flag of the United Kingdom, was used as the official flag of Canada. Before that, various designs of the Red Ensign were used between 1868 and 1965 but were never adopted officially by Canada’s Parliament. The current design of the National Flag of Canada was a result of much debate and discussion in the early 1960s before it was finally adopted in 1965.

The national flag of Canada consists of two vertical red sections separated by a white section, with an image of a red maple leaf on the white section. The whole flag is twice as wide as it is high and each of the two red rectangles is twice as high as it is wide. The white section in the middle is sized as a perfect square even though the size of the leaf has never been officially specified. The Ministry of Canadian Heritage issues instructions red Pantone to be used for making flags or printing its images.

The image of the red maple leaf is used on flags, Canadian postage stamps, coat pins, etc. Since 1973, the official Parliamentary Flag Program has operated to promote and encourage Canadians to express pride in their national symbol enabling senators and members of the House of Commons to distribute flags and flag pins to their constituents.

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