Adam Guild: The Secret Hero of Local Business Owners

Los Angeles, CA – 18-year old entrepreneur, Adam Guild, has rapidly become the secret hero of local business owners in Los Angeles.

Guild, an individual who exudes confidence and intelligence, is the mastermind behind one of the most successful start-ups,  As co-founder and CEO of Placepull, Guild provides local business owners with a service that handles all of their marketing in the absolute best way.  “We love America and believe business owners are heroes in their local communities,” Guild states.  “Our mission is to solve local business owner’s most pressing problem:  growth.  Because heroes deserve the best.”

Fascinating on multiple levels, Adam Guild’s journey to become such a prodigious leader is captivating hearts across Los Angeles.  Having dropped out of high school at an early age, Guild knew he needed to use his unparalleled drive and commitment to make a difference in his community.  “At 14, I started with a budget of $60 and a whole lot of hunger, I created a project in gaming,” Guild says.  “Several years later, myself and my business partner collectively garnered over 10,000,000 customers.  Eventually, though, we wanted to be involved in helping people live better lives.”

After leading a global team of 50 people at the age of 16, Guild sold his mobile gaming business to help business owners in his community.  Guild selflessly sacrificed fruitful job offers to pursue his dream of empowering American business owners and to create a better world.  “We believe business owners are heroes in their local communities and that heroes deserve the best,” Guild says.  “It is this belief that led us to create Placepull.”

Placepull’s founding story is one of love, admiration and selflessness.  As a teen, Guild’s mother ran a dog grooming business, Groom, which struggled initially despite creating a wonderful customer experience.   Wanting nothing but the best for his mother, Guild vowed to help revitalize her company using the tactics he used in his technology projects to attract over 10,000,000 customers online.

Within 4 weeks of implementing proven strategies, Groom reached consecutive days of maximum capacity, a feat projected to take 3 years.  “I suddenly found myself having time to lead my business, instead of trying to deal with the hassle of bringing customers in,” Guild’s mother says.  “I was absolutely thrilled with the results.  My son truly empowered me to live my dream.”

Upon sharing his story of success with his brilliant business partner, Martin Fulop, the two courageous entrepreneurs made the ultimate, selfless decision to help other brave entrepreneurs achieve their goals and live better lives.  And so, the brave duo created Placepull, with the motto of Your Secret Weapon for Market Domination.  “It’s truly exciting,” Guild says.  “Pursuing our own dreams through helping hard working Americans achieve their own is endlessly invigorating.”

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