Adam Guild: The High School Dropout Revolutionizing Local Business

Los Angeles, CA – Successful entrepreneur, Adam Guild, is the high school dropout who is revolutionizing local business in America.

After leaving high school 2 years before graduation, Adam Guild was already beginning to make his mark on the world.  At the age of 14, Guild started an online gaming business which rapidly grew to serve over 3,000,000 people.  With a staff of 50 people globally, he was attracting thousands of paying customers. 

In addition to his wildly successful online venture, Guild took the initiative to become the youngest person in history to take courses at HBX – Harvard Business School.  Guild also clearly adores learning about his passions, and has further educated himself through 100+ books in 2017 alone.  “Despite dropping out of high school,” Guild says, “I read voraciously and I absolutely love learning.”

Adam Guild’s greatest passion, however, is selflessly helping local businesses in his community.  This passion began as a teen, when he saw firsthand how difficult it was for his mother to run her dog grooming business, Groom.  “My mother’s new business really struggled to bring in new clients initially, despite creating a fantastic customer experience.  Consequently, her business was off to a slow start,” Guild says.  “I hypothesized that I may be able to speed along her growth trajectory, using the tactics that myself and my business partner had used to attract over 10,000,000 customers in our various online businesses.”

Using the profound knowledge and strategies he gained while running his online empire, Guild helped guide his mother to apply these same tools to her own business.  “Within 4 weeks, her business reached consecutive days of maximum capacity, a feat which was projected for 3 years down the line,” Adam states.  “I expected to be able to help her, but I didn’t anticipate such instant and powerful results in this local brick and mortar setting.”

Guild told his brilliant business partner, Martin Fulop, about the results and it was then they knew they had the skills and knowledge to greatly help business owners all across America.  In a selfless move, they sold their online business in mobile gaming to begin a new journey helping business owners achieve their dreams.  Together, they formed a new company called Placepull, the business designed to empower local businesses through executing their marketing for them in the best way.  “It is our mission to empower businesses through exclusive technology, brilliant marketing and proven strategy,” Guild states.  “We love America and take pride in empowering this fantastic country’s hardest working heroes.”

Placepull’s mission is to help businesses achieve their goals and fulfill their vision of the American dream.  It’s marketing tactics include SEO, Discovery Optimization, Local Growth Campaigns, Influencer Marketing, Press Engagement and Customer Acquisition, just to name a few.  The team at Placepull is exceptionally brilliant at marketing and deploys exclusive technology, some involving AI, in giving their customers rapid business growth.

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