Adam Guild: The Teen Secretly Saving Small Business

Los Angeles, CA – Young, yet impressive, Adam Guild is the teen who is secretly saving small business across America.

Since he was 13 years old, Adam Guild has possessed an incredible entrepreneurial talent.  At this tender age, Guild built an online gaming empire from just $60 and a deep desire to succeed.  By the time he was 16, Guild was leading a team of over 50 people, serving over 3,000,000 clients and raking in a phenomenal amount of money.  Guild was already on top of his game and he hadn’t even turned 18 yet.

Even though Guild seemed to have it all, this still wasn’t enough for him.  Guild knew he wanted to use his life to improve the lives of all living beings.  “I love America and believe that business owners are heroes in their local communities,” Guild says.

When his mother first pursued her dream to open her dog grooming store, she was met with painfully slow growth despite creating a wonderful customer experience.  Guild decided to intervene using a theory he had:  what if his and his business partner’s marketing expertise, built through driving over 10,000,000 online customers to their own projects, had application in a local setting as well.

The results were immediately fantastic when applied on their test subject:  Guild’s mother’s dog grooming business.  As it turns out, he was right.  Incredulously, because of Guild’s vast experience and knowledge, Groom went from being slow in business to maximum capacity in just 4 short weeks.  “I suddenly found myself having time to lead my business, instead of trying to deal with the hassle of marketing,” Guild’s mother says.  “I was absolutely thrilled with the results and they’ve opened new opportunities for us to expand.

Upon seeing these results, Guild met with his brilliant business partner, Martin Fulop, and they formulated their mission:  to empower local businesses through exclusive technology, brilliant marketing and proven strategy.  “We love the idea of pursuing our own dreams through helping others achieve their own,” Guild stated in an earlier interview.   

Placepull democratizes world class marketing for small and medium businesses, by making the marketing techniques deployed by corporate giants accessible to everyone.  Guild and Fulop have found the average Placepull client receives an additional $170,950 in annual revenue – a very hefty increased profit.  “We are so proud of our work,” Adams says.  “By helping businesses achieve their dreams, we pursue our own, too.”

In his personal life, Adam Guild is equally as committed to success.  When asked for interesting personal details, he shared a few baffling insights.  He consumes only organic and vegan meals, has worked out every day for many years and often goes days working without sleep on “work sprints.”

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