Knube LLC Becoming The Uber Of Post Production

Leading post-production consulting firm, Knube LLC, is fast-becoming the Uber of post production serving clients at every post production level

Knube LLC is a global leader in the world of movie post production, offering a wide range of post production services to movie makers in Hollywood and across the globe. The company has continued to expand its coast, by providing services to cater to the needs of movie makers worldwide, consequently becoming a one-stop shop for all post production needs.

The movie industry has grown over the years, becoming a major contributor to the economies of several countries across the globe. The emergence of online movie platforms like Netflix and even Amazon has made the industry even more lucrative for operators and more accessible to the customers. However, one of the major parts of making quality movies that have not been recognized over the years is the post production aspect.

Over the years, Knube LLC founded by top editor and re-recording mixer, Carlos Hurtado, has helped in the production of several motion picture works including blockbuster movies, TV commercials, documentary films and other such works, consequently gaining popularity for its excellent service delivery.

Knube LLC serves in all levels of post production, working as a trusted advisor to top management, as well as a hands-on coach for feature film distribution. The company’s assemblage of a team of well-experienced personnel for the accomplishment of every task has made it one of the most sought-after firms in the industry, receiving the recognition as “the Uber of Post Production.”

The company’s standard of excellence and attention to detail has helped it to earn the respect and recognition of creative agencies, filmmakers, and major television channels across the globe. Knube LLC has gained a reputation for working together with clients to develop workforce skills, drive operational improvement, and apply new working methods in a bid to achieve the desired goals.

The Florida-based firm has been receiving accolades from clients worldwide. “I have worked closely with Carlos Hurtado in my capacity as SVP Post Production Media Services at Universal Studios and as President and CEO of The Bisby Corporation. I have only the highest regard for Carlos and his quick thinking, comprehensive knowledge, work skills, and ability to create a productive, efficient work environment that sets him apart from the pack. I would be happy to speak to anyone who has questions and know you will find Carlos to be a true addition to your team,” says Chris Jenkins Three Time Academy Award Winning Re-Recording Mixer, President and CEO of Bisby Studios

About Knube LLC

Knube LLC is a post production firm founded by recognized top editor and re-recording mixer, Carlos Hurtado. Formed in Fall of 2014 after being inspired by the desire to translate clients visions into captivating audio/visual experiences by connecting them to top post production talent, the company has become a leading in the motion pictures industry, working on a wide rage of formats including long format television, TV commercials, feature films, and documentary films amongst others.

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Company Name: Knube LLC
Contact Person: Carlos Hurtado (Founder & CEO)
City: Miami
State: FL
Country: United States