NimbusID Introduces Revolutionary New Alternative to Password Security Systems

With the average online user having ten or more password-protected accounts, almost everyone has encountered the situation when they have forgotten a password or user name.  This can often result in frustration, needless delay or even a lockout.  A revolutionary new way of securing personal information and access has been developed by nimbusID.  This new security system eliminates the use of passwords and instead relies on the power of the mind to login.  Instead of the user entering a password into the system, nimbusID servers query the user by presenting seemingly unrelated set of data whose correct association is known only to the valid user.  nimbusID’s innovative system provides not only online verification but also True ID Digital Authentication.

nimbusID aims to replace the antiquated password system, saving users millions of man-hours trying to remember passwords.  Aside from eliminating the necessity of memorizing complex alphanumeric sequences, nimbusID is considerably safer and more secure. Password systems rely on static credentials and are vulnerable to hacking, phishing, key-logging or brute force attacks.  nimbusID utilizes dynamic credentials and server-initiated queries to all authentication access, making them immune from phishing and almost all forms of brute force attacks.

The nimbusID system involves a registration questionnaire, which asks the user to provide non-sensitive data, or strings. Later, when access is requested, random implied questions and associations are presented to the user.  Correctly associating them with a click or tap, the user is granted secure access. Input several strings when signing up, and then update the strings periodically to keep them fresh. Even better, nimbusID recycles the strings to create noise data for other users, making the system more secure for everyone as the data pool grows.

nimbusID  will revolutionize online activity.  Not only is the nimbusID system more secure, easier and more intuitive to use, it also integrates seamlessly with most existing security systems. This new software application can be used to lock smartphones, credit cards, and financial accounts.  So if your bank or credit card is hacked or stolen, breach may have occurred but no financial loss can occur, as the hacker does not have the ability to execute a transaction without user’s authentication via nimbusID.  It can also eventually promote a user-centric personalized gateway that will house all users’ digital accounts for a more secure and convenient access, anywhere and on any device.

nimbusID is an innovative idea that is poised to reshape the digital landscape, but it is still in development.  In order to raise the $150,000 needed to take this project to the next stage, nimbusID has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.  In return for your support of this profoundly important project, you may be eligible to receive nimbusID subscriptions, premium subscriptions, lunch with the development team, or licensing opportunities.  To learn more about nimbusID or to make a financial pledge, please visit

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