FirmFit’s online form makes it easy for interested clients looking for vinyl floors to get in touch

For those who are looking for the right kind of flooring for their homes or businesses, FirmFit Flooring has just the answer with its waterproof vinyl flooring – a convenient and affordable alternative to other types of flooring. For interested parties, it’s also easier to get in touch, with FirmFit’s online contact form.

UNITED KINGDOM – 27 Feb, 2018 – Not many people may be aware of luxury vinyl flooring, but there are facts about this kind of flooring which make it better than most: it’s waterproof, it’s easy to clean and maintain, durable, and attractive as well. For those who are not too familiar with this type of flooring but who would like to get clear answers to their questions about its many benefits, FirmFit’s easy to fill online contact form is a welcome service indeed.

FirmFit has been specialising in luxury vinyl flooring for years, and it knows how important the proper flooring really is. FirmFit says more about its waterproof, luxury flooring: “The limestone-based core is waterproof, dent-resistant, stable in high temps, environmentally-friendly, and recyclable. This unmatched performance, combined with an extensive collection of fashion-forward decors, truly makes it a floor that is fit for when life happens.”

Those who have particular queries can easily contact FirmFit through its online form which is conveniently found on its website. Interested parties can simply fill in their name, email address, their country, and their city/state when applicable, select whether they are a customer, a retailer, or a distributor, include details about their questions, and send the form.

The popularity of FirmFit’s flooring has increased by leaps and bounds in recent times, and there are many good reasons for this. Aside from its waterproof quality and its easy-to-clean characteristics, another prime reason for its popularity is its durability, even when exposed to sunlight day in, day out. In fact, FirmFit attests that the flooring is entirely suitable for 3-season areas in the home as well as sunrooms and other rooms where there is a lot of sunlight. 

FirmFit adds, “When exposed to high temperatures regular LVT and even WPC become flexible and planks do not have enough strength to push each other (away). Meanwhile, FirmFit remains stable even at high temperatures, and planks are strong enough to push each other away. This results in a flat floor no matter what!”

Another aspect which sets FirmFit apart is its ease of installation. FirmFit confirms, “Quick & easy installation over large areas without unsightly transitions, without acclimation, and no telegraphing. Install it the same day you buy it!”

About the company:

FirmFit is a well-known source and manufacturer of premium luxury vinyl wood flooring. To learn more about its flooring solutions, visit the FirmFit website.  

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