Innovative Revo Journal Blends Old Paper Age with the New Digital World

February 27th, 2018 – Don’t discard the good old paper journal yet! Technology has ushered us into the digital age, where smartphones and laptops suffice for storing every detail. The journal, however, is where true emotions and precious memories reside. Someone therefore thought of using technology to upgrade the journal, and the result is the revolutionary new Revo Journal.

Equipped with cute Q-codes printed on the corners, the Revo Journal makes it possible to link pictures, videos and other files easily to the appropriate page. The old and messy method of printing photos and attaching them to the journal is no longer required. The Revo Journal allows attaching any digital file, including videos, from its mobile app to the paper journal.

“I came up with the idea of Revo Journal after years of suffering in limitations of paper journals. Revo Journal was designed to make a revolutionary change in the world of bullet journaling by harnessing the power of technology to enable users to attach digital items to their paper journals,” says Bilal AlGhazi, Founder, Revo Journal, and an independent software developer.

Bullet journaling is now in the digital age, without sacrificing its original paper form. The Revo Journal also makes it possible to encode digital memories using keywords. The mobile can then be used to search for the keywords and find out on which page the keyword was attached. Another great feature allows for attaching even the current location of the user on the journal.

“I never thought I will be able to attach videos to my diary! Revo made it possible,” says a beta Tester.

In addition to videos and pictures, Revo can also work with internet links, sound recordings and more. Revo also offers free cloud storage to store the attached files for future access. The Revo Journal is manufactured with high quality and comes with an elegant leather cover and rounded corners. The journal comprises 240 pages of plain white crème 80 gsm paper, and includes elastic closure band, ribbon bookmarks and an expandable inner pocket.

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