Latest Nutrition Research Brings Hope to Men suffering With Gynecomastia or Male Breasts

Gynecomastia or Male Breasts is a humiliating condition that ails more than 46% of Males in the U.S. Until Now Costly surgery was considered the only permanent cure but now David Dadson of shows conclusively how people are fighting back with Holistic Lifestyle changes.

Gynecomastia is an embarrassing condition that affects men of all age group. Commonly known as moobs or male breast, it is a medical condition of enlargement in the size of male breast that then resembles female breasts.

Gynecomastia can occur in any male whether old, middle age or teenager. Though It was found that men aged between 50-80 years, have 70% chances of developing male breast.


In an official stat issued by the US health authority, it is reported that about 46% of males in the United States are suffering from Gynecomastia. Of this, 63% males are adults while 37% are teenagers who developed this condition in their early age. Further, the authority stated that every year, 2-3 million of Gynecomastia cases are reported.

It is a common conception among males that Gynecomastia is caused due to being overweight but according to various health studies, being overweight is not the only reason for the male breasts. There are various other factors that can cause this humiliating condition in males. Further, to treat Gynecomastia effectively, it is important to diagnose the cause and the type of the male breast development.

Gynecomastia can be due to various factors such as being overweight, hormonal imbalances, use of steroids, drugs and various prescribed medications. It’s also reported that medications used in the treatment of cancer and heart diseases can also increase the chances of Gynecomastia.

Male breast condition can be divided into three major types, Pseudo Gynecomastia (caused due to the accumulation of fatty tissues), Pubertal Gynecomastia (enlargement of breast size in males due to puberty period) and Mixed Gynecomastia (caused due to excessive development of estrogen in males).

Till recently surgery was considered as the best and only option to eliminate Gynecomastia permanently. But according to latest research and updates in the health sector, it is reported that selecting right food and including zinc and alkaline foods in the regular diet can help eliminate this condition to a large extent without going through painful and expensive surgery.

But it is important for an individual to go for a clinical diagnosis to find out the grade of Gynecomastia and its cause. Some doctors also recommend using prescribed medications for treating Gynecomastia but others strictly advice against it. In case of reservations in using medical drugs, natural herbs can easily be used to augment right food, diet and exercises

Including Zinc in The Diet

In a recent study, it was reported that zinc helps increase production of testosterone. Male breasts occur due to increased production of the female hormone, Estrogen over testosterone. Supplementing the body with regular zinc food increases the level of testosterone and reduces the production of Estrogen.

Alkaline Food Diet to Eliminate Male Breast

Another major reason for the development of Gynecomastia is consuming acidic foods in high amount. Acid foods are low in pH scale and therefore it affects the movement of atoms and molecules, therefore reducing metabolic process. Alkaline foods are quite high in pH scale and making it a replacement for acidic foods helps to ignite the metabolism to burn excessive fat in the body.

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Increasing the Efficacy of Alkaline Gynecomastia Diet

In various researches conducted recently it was postulated that when the right alkaline diet and minerals like Zinc are supplemented by an effective Exercise schedule it was found that this Addition of correct workout routine to the diet program delivers prominent results. Taking it into consideration, even if Gynecomastia is not due to the accumulation of fat or obesity but excessive Female Hormone i.e. Estrogen then combining proper diet with chest exercises can lead to success in reducing male breasts.

David Dadson, the creator of Oh My Moobs, was one such sufferer of Gynecomastia. His condition made him the center of ridicule and embarrassment and was also socially disconnected for a long time in his life, till he decided to fight back.

Armed with this new research and knowledge regarding Nutrition, minerals like Zinc and focus on food that help produce more testosterone i.e. the male hormone, He pledged to get rid of it and with the right combination of diet, nutrition, and exercises, he succeeded in beating Gynecomastia.

He shares his story of combating and overcoming embarrassment and humiliation on the site as well as shares advanced and latest prominent dieting and nutritional tips to fight Gynecomastia with new trends in nutrition and exercises to get rid of moobs. The information is going to help a vast majority of males in various age groups who suffer in silence with this condition.

“Be Armed with knowledge, You Owe it to your Male Self.”

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