The origin and birth of Turing coins

Turing, who is famous for deciphering the password around the world, also made important contributions to artificial intelligence, computer and other fields, and is often regarded as the founder of modern computer science. After the war, he worked at the University of Manchester and developed “Manchester Mark one” – one of the famous modern computers. In 1999, he was chosen by Times as one of the 100 most important figures in twentieth Century. The Turing money came from Alan Mathison Turing.


2012 is the centenary of a great man. Even if all our greetings are too lofty to give him. He is Alan Turing. 100 years ago, Alan Turing was born in a era that is completely different with nowadays on culture and technology, but this does not affect him to be one of the greatest and most memorable people today. He has laid an unbarred foundation for the computer field. No Alan Turing, no computers today.

On June 7, 1954, Turing was persecuted and killed on the bed in his family. In December 24, 2013, Queen Elizabeth S signed a pardon of “serious obscenity” and it took effect immediately. The justice secretary Chris Grelling said that Turing deserve “to be memorized and recognized of his incomparable contribution to the war”, rather than his later criminal conviction. In August 2013 the queen formally declared the amnesty.


True Knowledge, established in August 2005, was originally created in the name of True Knowledge. Its mission is to provide a new search experience, and users can get the Knowledge of the world by asking the information they need. This is a completely natural way.

The real knowledge network answer engine was launched in 2007, and users can not only access the rich information provided by Evi, but also contribute directly to the growing database of facts. The availability of real knowledge API leads to that many applications and services are driven by real knowledge engines. In January 2010, we logged 1 million users in a month, and the number has increased to 5 million in November.


The Turing money team True Knowledge takes the concept Turing machine proposed by Turing as computation theory, providing an intelligent block contract agreement which can be used for authentication, management, data learning, application development of artificial intelligence for the development of Ture. Project Ture will provide data and application development platform for other artificial intelligence technology to promote the integration of the block chain with artificial intelligence. Ture is also an artificial intelligence technology and product, and  a smart image (Avatar) that looks and talks like you and is more and more aware of you. Each TURE is generated, controlled, and managed by the original owner. While using his own Ture, each person contributes the data and resources to the whole system, and makes a profit. The Project Ture block chain protocol has three modules: authentication, intelligent network and data storage. According to data obtained from block chain, a new digital currency – Turing currency is developed.

The birth of Turing coin will refresh the innovation of Internet artificial intelligence, lead the data application development platform of block chain artificial intelligence, and become the fifth apple to influence the world.

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