The Change Space Continues To Lead The Pack With Innovative Digital Education For All Things Change

Leading online digital education, The Change Space, offers individuals, businesses, and coaches, innovative and insightful digital content and analytics to support all forms of organisational change, health and wellbeing.

February 27th, 2018 – The Change Space is an online digital education community providing its members with innovative bite-sized information, particularly designed to support organisational change and change strategy.  It also provides supporting tools and information to help individuals maintain their mental health and general wellbeing, especially in the workplace. The online community has continued to expand and grow, creating even more interest across the globe in embracing the need for change capability and highlighting the importance of bringing the future to today by integrating digital change into their modus operandi.

Change is described as the only constant in life. However, many businesses and individuals do not find it particularly easy to adapt and embrace changes to their environment, whether it be in the workplace or at home. Several factors have been attributed to this mismatch, especially since disruptive changes are usually met with strong opposition and criticism. This is where platforms like The Change Space are particularly helpful, allowing corporate organizations and their employees to embrace changes that will enhance their productivity and wellbeing in a more seamless way.

Launched to the market in 2017, The Change Space offers a wide range of services to address the changing needs of business and individuals. The services include people change, organisational change, change training, business change, culture change, and project change.

With a focus on health and wellbeing, The Change Space highlights the importance of change management, offering a unique approach to change that allows all kinds of corporations, regardless of their size and nature of business, to embrace positive change and relay it to their employees.

“When our team created The Change Space, we understood the influence it could have within our industry.  We’re ecstatic to see both the public and private sector recognising the transformational shift it brings for their business, their employees and their culture.  Digital Change is definitely the way of the future and we’re excited that The Change Space is leading the market in the area of digital change.” – Caroline Mills (CEO)

Consequently, large corporations in the public and private sectors, as well as individuals, have jumped on the change bandwagon driven by The Change Space and the effect is evident, with the number of members of The Change Space community constantly increasing.

More information about The Change Space can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

About The Change Space

The Change Space is an online digital community launched in 2017. The platform is now being used by large corporate organizations in both the public and private sector. The Change Space has also announced plans to integrate real-time analytics for Enterprise Users, as well as leveraging AI Technology.

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