Why Owning A Local Business Will Never Be The Same Again

Los Angeles, CA – One of Los Angeles’ hottest start-up companies, Placepull, is working on solving local business owner’s biggest problem: marketing.

Placepull, co-founded by tech entrepreneurs Adam Guild and Martin Fulop, is dramatically changing the way small businesses handle marketing.  Through masterfully handling the marketing of, Placepull is the ultimate service for businesses across the country.  “We make it easy for business owners to grow their business,” Guild says. “By consolidating the required components to successful marketing, we’ve been able to achieve some really exciting results for our clients.”

The idea for Placepull came after Guild’s mother opened her dog grooming business.  Despite creating an outstanding customer experience, she found it was difficult to get the clients she needed to grow.

One night, she complained to her son Adam about how slow things were going initially and he had an idea. “What if”, he wondered. “the tactics we’ve used to market our online projects are effective in a local business sense?”

Immediately, Guild went to work on exploring his hypothesis. Guild came up with the brilliant idea to implement the strategies he and his partner used to grow his various online businesses – businesses that garnered tens of millions of customers worldwide.  Adam possessed vast knowledge in marketing and desperately wanted to help empower his mother to succeed.

Within 4 short weeks of implementing his refined strategies, his mother’s business was thriving.  Almost immediately, it was operating at maximum capacity and hitting numbers projected 3 years into the future. Guild knew he was onto something big.

After discussing the results of his experiment with his brilliant partner, Martin Fulop, the dynamic duo decided to formulate a plan to empower other business owners across America.  “We love America and believe business owners are heroes in their local communities,” Adam says.  “Simply put, heroes deserve the best.”

Placepull uses robust technology and a legion of excellent marketers to empower small businesses through an easy service. They’ve democratized the best marketing strategies, previously only available to massive corporations, and have made them accessible to successful business owners of all sizes through a service.

“Marketing is half the battle to any business”, Guild states.  “and using Placepull is akin to having the best possible army fight that battle for you.”

Rigorous data analysis, exclusive AI based technology, and a scientific approach to marketing are among Placepull’s tools for growth.

The service provides businesses with the opportunity to have all of their marketing handled for them, in a world class way. And the staggering results have been proven, with the clients thus far getting an additional $170,950 in annual revenue per location.

“It’s a true blessing to be able to pursue our own dreams while helping others achieve their own,” Guild states.  “American Dream-ception?”, he jokes.

Currently, Placepull is growing rapidly in just the Los Angeles area, but has impressive plans to expand worldwide in the near future.

To get more information about Placepull’s revolutionary service, check them out at www.placepull.com.

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