Inventor of Virtual Currency Embraces Blockchain

empowr will be the first fully established, comprehensive social network powered by cryptocurrency

SAN DIEGO, CA – empowr, the inventor of virtual currency, announces plans to transform its native virtual currency into cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency will be used on the empowr platform that already has 800,000 alpha users who conduct millions of transactions within the platform monthly. The transition to cryptocurrency, which will be called the empowr coin, will take place in Q2 2018.

“We’ve been monitoring the growing momentum of blockchain technologies, staying on the sidelines due to concerns around scalability, transaction costs and regulatory uncertainty,” said Brian Woosley, the democratically elected president of empowr. “Now, given recent pronouncements by the U.S. government, especially the CFTC and SEC, and the work being done by the Ethereum Foundation, we’re convinced that blockchain will be ready for the big leagues in 2018.”

Users have been earning virtual currency by simply posting, liking and sharing content; selling or sharing physical or digital goods and services; and much more. When the transition is complete, users will earn empowr coins for the same activities.

“From the beginning, empowr’s mission, overarching goal and approach have been to distribute economic value and governance to its members,” said Michael C. Pousti, co-founder of empowr. “Transitioning our virtual currency to a more transparent cryptocurrency is the next logical step in our journey towards a fully sustainable platform that enables opportunity, hope and influence for the masses.”

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About empowr

A collaboration between top U.S. professors and seasoned Silicon Valley technologists, empowr is the world’s first platform to seamlessly integrate a next-generation social network, marketplace, virtual currency, and educational and political systems. The result is a democratic social economy that belongs to and is controlled by its users. empowr invented hundreds of critical technologies, many of which are patented and used every day by billions of people, which include virtual currency, applications in social networks, transactions within apps, and transactions over mobile devices. The company aims to increase humanity’s standard of living and help reverse the climate crisis. Learn more at

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