Dr. Kate Kass Praised for Expertise Relating to Women’s Health

National Press Distributors have analyzed data that shows Dr. Kate Kass is the leading provider of functional medicine in and around Seattle. Dr. Kate Kass is a local functional medicine doctor who specializes in hormone and thyroid optimization. Her health-related services include hormone replacement, regenerative therapy, and improvement of thyroid function, to name a few. She is being recognized in particular for her excellence in women’s health.

Dr. Kate Kass is one of many holistic practitioners, but her story is exceptional, because she is new to the field and already excelling in her practice. Recently, her story has been featured in numerous podcasts pertaining to women’s health. Listen to one of these well-acclaimed podcasts here, where you’ll hear the honorable Dr. Kate Kass speak to the field of functional medicine and explain the path that led her to a career in the industry.

Functional medicine is the practice of improving organ function and internal systems, while working to avoid disease through a holistic approach. It looks at the body as a system where all parts work together to create a healthy body and mind. Functional medicine takes a look at the underlying causes of illness as well as external factors that lead to disease. Doctors, like Dr. Kate Kass, who specialize in functional medicine take everything into consideration before diagnosing their patients. They look at factors such as environment, diet, and relationships when analyzing their clients’ health.

Dr. Kate Kass recently moved locations, relocating her practice from a shared building and opening a freestanding office in Bellevue. She is taking clients on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are a woman in need of functional medical care, contact Dr. Kate Kass. Transform your life into one of fulfillment and well-balanced health today!

National Press Distributors has named Dr. Kate Kass as the functional medicine specialist you should trust for your sexual health and wellness. After analyzing fellow providers in the Seattle area who offer comparable services, Dr. Kate Kass earned the highest recognition. Please direct your inquiries about Dr. Kate Kass and her services to her website.

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