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Having a Wi-Fi router is common but knowing how to buy or use it is not! This is why people are looking for what to look for in a router, wireless router reviews, Wi-Fi router buying guide, how to reset a router. Well, these details are well covered in the digital knowledgebase of This is where one can find comprehensive information about the routers. can be a one-stop hub to know about different types of routers. Dedicated to routers, especially the Wi-Fi ones; this site aims to keep visitors informed about the router types, the best brands, factory reset steps of different routers, and wireless router buying guide.

The Home page itself gives a brief introduction regarding why one would need a router. It educates the readers regarding this by giving an overview of today’s networks, router needs, and security and other features. Through this page, the site convinces the readers to get a router only if the need is to use the Internet using a network.

On the right side of the Home page, there are sections dedicated to wireless routers, brands, and some informative posts on Wi-Fi standards and factory reset rules. Some of the brands covered for a small review and their own router products include TP-LINK, ASUS, D-Link, Netgear, and Linksys, all of which are top brands.

According to a spokesperson, “We have created this site, as there is much missing or misleading information regarding resetting a router or finding a manual for operating them. When we started filling the site with posts, our visitors requested us to post on other various topics, particularly the wireless domain including the wireless networks. Thus, we started posting reset instructions along with router reviews. We are planning to expand the site by posting fair and detailed router reviews along with comparisons with different routers. This will help our visitors in picking the best model even if it means to upgrade their current system.”

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Router-Reset is an online portal dedicated to provide accurate and complete information about buying, using, and resetting routers. It aims to be the most reliable platform offering wireless router buying guides, best wifi router reviews, and manuals of different routers. It is a member of the Amazon Services LLC program and earns ad fees by promoting and linking to

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