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For those who are looking for trucking companies in the USA, there is a good news. Now, there is no need to hunt for them through different media such as newspapers and Yellow Pages. now claims to be the most comprehensive platform for offering trucking company database in the U.S, which otherwise takes a lot of time if compiled individually.

The United States – February 28, 2018 – The trucking business is budding at present in the country. Thus, it is not surprising for millions of us to look for a list of trucking companies by state or size with its detailed contact information. For them to be successful, it is essential to look for the right people in the fleet industry. To cater to this requirement, is out in the digital world and provides a handy, comprehensive trucking company list having details of millions of such firms.

​The best thing about this list is that it saves much time, which is in terms of years! It is practically impossible to prepare such a big list in person, as it requires a huge amount of effort and time to collect e-mail IDs, telephone numbers, and addresses of their branches across the country. Another commendable aspect is its accuracy, which means that the list has only genuine details about the trucking firms.

The provider offers two types of truck databases in case of a purchase. The primary data comes with more than one million carries, which include intrastate Hazmat, intrastate non-hazmat, and interstate ones. On the other hand, the second type provides trucking companies that are fetched from Yellow Pages and are more than 128,000 in number.

The information from these databases helps one find exactly the freight forwarding companies that could be highly interested in what you are offering. Available in CSV / XLS file, the database is easy to sort and find whatever one wants. For instance, it is possible to sort it by state in which the firms exist, company name, and exact address. Coming to contact details, one can easily find the firms’ Facebook and Twitter profiles.

According to a spokesperson, “With the data in our database of U.S. truck companies, our customers grab a great opportunity to make a long-lasting partnership for a win-win situation. The information gained through us allows getting in touch with them. It also allows these companies to promote their business by approaching the most relevant market segments. The sky is the limit when a trucking company list is offering contact details of more than one million transport firms in the country along with full as well as accurate business information.”

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US Trucking Companies is an online portal dedicated to the domain of transport information. Its expertise lies in providing an accurately detailed and compiled list of trucking companies in the U.S.A. It usually offers this database in CSV / Excel format for a variety of purposes such as research, marketing, and job seeking.

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