Dylyver Shipping And Taxi Platform Crowdfunding Campaign is Now Live

DYLYVER, a new and revolutionary concept all set to become the ultimate shipping and taxi partner of tomorrow allowing users to save money and earn it as well through a ride sharing platform and a package delivery marketplace that connects senders, couriers and recipient. Designed for efficiency and optimal convenience, DYLYVER is just hours away from launching its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The owners of Dylyver have announced their plans to launch a campaign on Indiegogo on February 27 to raise support, and funding necessary to take the project into the next phase.

You can view their campaign at https://igg.me/at/dylyver.

DYLYVER is the vision of a group the young entrepreneurs, who firmly believe that an efficient ecosystem can be built that will give an opportunity to all the participants of the program. DYLYVER spokesperson clarified further: “At Dylyver, we are passionate about developing innovative transportation and logistics solutions by utilizing the benefits of the contemporary cutting edge mobile technologies. Our first solution is a social ride-sharing platform that connects riders and drivers (Dylyver Drive) and the second is a package delivery marketplace that connects senders, couriers and recipient (Dylyver Cargo). To push things even further we have come up with a referral marketing platform that provides all users of the company an opportunity to generate continuous passive income.”

The package delivery marketplace called Dylyver Cargo, is a social peer to peer package delivery platform that connects senders, couriers and recipients. The intuitive system of the platform sets the price of the delivery by an algorithm, but senders can choose to provide their own price. The Cargo app helps senders and recipients stay in full control over their deliveries and gives them the necessary means to track couriers real time as they ship packages to destination. The app also gives an opportunity to people who are traveling or commuting to work to earn income and cover their travel costs, whilst delivering packages for others.

Dylyver Drive is a social ride sharing application connecting drivers and riders. Users can become drivers or vice versa at any point, however, to become a verified Dylyver Drive driver they will need to have a mobile phone, a vehicle not older then certain 10 years in most cases,  go through vehicle and driver validation process and complete the registration form to start earn money driving once approved. Dylyver Drive is a true ride sharing service, which means riders can split the amount of the trip with the other riders on the same trip and pay with cash, credit card or wallet.

The best thing about the Dylyver platforms is the presence of Dylyver Market referral program that allows users to invite friends and acquaintances to Dylyver and earn referral payments every time when they or their referrals drive passengers and deliver packages or every time when all people in their business network take a ride or send packages.

To learn more and stay up to date with the latest developments, please visit: www.dylyver.com.


Dylyver is a technology corporation that is determined to develop innovative transportation and logistics solutions by utilizing the benefits of the contemporary innovative mobile technologies.

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