Andre Blaack Releases An All Inclusive Album Titled No Genre

Anchorage, Alaska – February 28, 2018 – Hip Hop Artist and songwriter Andre Blaack released his third studio project on the 20th of February 2018. This new album is titled No Genre. The album feature different types of dynamics and include work with many great collaborators from around the world.

In No Genre, Andre takes his time and allowed the music make its point without filler, noise gimmicks or non-sense.  It’s a continually pushing musical journey which captures out-of-the-box choices and harnesses thoughts that are rarely voiced in an industry where everyone is dying to be liked and commercially viable. This albums highlight the great work that Andre Blaack has been working on over the years. His work is striking for offering a fine layout with different genres of music mixing into her work quite well. This all comes with a great hint of inclusion as the the songs were made to suit different occasions and different class of music followers.

Andre wants to make good music that can be played anywhere and for anyone. Below leaving Alaska, Andre wrote a hand hygiene song for the biggest employer in the state, (Providence Hospital). The song earned the grand prize at an international conference on Hand Hygiene. Andre Blaack recently relocated from Anchorage Alaska to Atlanta Georgia to better position himself for success in the music industry.

Andre’s work continues to be intriguing and fascinating for people all around the world to check out. The No Genre album was released the 20th February 2018 and is available on iTunes, Spotify and many other streaming and online platforms.This is Blaack’s first time having an album distributed through a major label “Average Joes Ent”. Final works are being put in place for  his “No Genre” tour, starting in March in Atlanta Georgia.

You can get the album here and for bookings, contact You can follow Andre Blaack on all social media platforms at @andreblaack

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