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“Dr.Akhil Patel Medical Director of Sarasota Life We are located at 2841 6th St, Sarasota, FL 34237. I\’m here to help you learn more.Chat directly with our Medical Director, Dr.Patel over text about any of your concerns.813-351-9474 At this time we”
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We are located at 2841 6th St, Sarasota, FL 34237. I’m here to help you learn more.Chat directly with our Medical Director, Dr.Patel over text about any of your concerns.813-351-9474 At this time we currently have 6 beds available.

Defining the Balance in Assisted Living 

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Moving or not to an assisted living community is a monumental decision for elderly folks and their children. Various questions arise. How will your parents live? Will they get accustomed to the routine in this kind of facility? There are both upsides and downsides. Yet, the key is to have an open discussion about the possibility of opting for assisted living Sarasota Florida.

Consider the Benefits

In making an important decision, it is necessary to mull over the advantages and disadvantages carefully. This living environment enables old individuals to live an independent lifestyle. The facility management makes available medical care (doctors and nurses) within the premises although it is not on a 24/7 basis. The level of care is not strictly like a nursing home. However, assistance is given to seniors in terms of their meals, bathing, dressing, medications, and transportation.

Living arrangements are flexible which means the assisted living Sarasota Florida is capable of adjusting right away to the fast-changing needs and situation of residents. This special care residence is more of a home-like atmosphere that affords the residents privacy and personal liberty. There are opportunities for socialization every day through a variety of organized activities and programs which include the following:

  • Physical  fitness exercises or calisthenics
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Painting and art classes
  • Book clubs
  • Computer classes
  • Field trips or outings
  • Special sports events (indoor and outdoor)
  • Entertainment

At the same time, these adults do not have to perform menial chores which can turn out as physically challenging.

Expenses in an assisted living Sarasota Florida are relatively lower compared to nursing homes because medical services are not provided on a regular basis. Besides, it may be possible to secure financial subsidies by way of veterans’ assistance programs or long-term insurance plans.

Dealing with Drawbacks

There are some disadvantages such as the absence of comprehensive medical care may not bode well for seniors who need intensive or specialized care and treatment. However, this can be addressed by making arrangements with the assisted living facility administrator. The costs will surely go up but the family must prepare to cope with these circumstances. Another potential issue is how some older folks have to adjust to a group style of living. Besides, there are certain policies like ban on cigarette smoking and pets. Likewise, Medicare does not include the costs incurred in assisted living hubs. Personal care is also considered as additional expense which may be too much for some occupants.

Making a Choice

Overall, assisted living offers more positive than negative outcomes. Management coordinates with family members and ask for suggestions on how to fill in the annual calendar with fun and worthwhile activities to keep the residents engaged and inspired. Developing a pleasant environment does not require a lot of effort and expenses on the part of the facility and senior residents. These positive and gratifying experiences make the lives of old people in the facility enjoyable and healthy.

Assisted Living and Nursing Homes: Which One is better for your Folks?

A nursing home is a senior community that focuses more on medical conditions of residents.  The skilled nursing hub provides uninterrupted care for sick and weak old patients who cannot live unaided. Nursing home occupants need licensed nurses who can dispense medical care at any given time. Residents usually share a room unless and shared dining areas although meals are usually served to them due to mobility problems.

Assisted living is meant for healthier seniors who do not need extensive medical attention. Call them semi-independent but not 100% capable of living safely alone. In this case, assisted living Sarasota Florida is more appropriate for these elderly persons. Residents normally live in single or twin occupancy apartments. The set-up ensures privacy although staff members are assigned to help in Activities of Daily Living.

Profile of Residents

In an assisted living Sarasota Florida, residents need a socially-pleasant atmosphere made possible by different kinds of activities and amenities. These old men or women can move around or use ambulatory devices independently. They require minimal supervision or care and display coherence or encounter slight cognitive issues. Most of the time, their main purpose in moving to this kind of community is to become free from the responsibility of home ownership and housekeeping.

Nursing homes are for aging persons who require medical care and personal aid. They are too indisposed to stay in the home but do not qualify for long-term hospitalization. Residents cannot walk and move around on wheelchairs. One of the common problems of nursing home patients is incontinence. Most of them experience complex physical or emotional maladies and often manifest problematic attitude or are resistant while being assisted by caregivers. 


During one survey, it was learned that more than 90% of seniors (65 years old and above) stay in an assisted livingfacilitywhile 85% live in nursing homes. For those more than 85 years of age, 53% were admitted to a senior care center while 42% required admission to nursing facilities. Many assisted living communities accept seniors with early up to middle stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. These patients are transferee to skilled nursing centers equipped with memory care units only if their conditions worsen.

The Perfect Option

Is it a nursing home? Or, would it be more advisable to bring your next of kin to assisted living Sarasota Florida? With each institution having specific purposes and advantages, consider which facility will serve the interests of your family. An assisted living community is composed of an administrator, staff, caregivers, and medical that will respond to the needs of its residents. Given the professional advice, you will find out it is the solution to your concerns.

Do not rush in making a choice. Create a list of reputable living facilities in Florida. This method will allow you to make a comparison and determine if your budget will match the cost of placing your loved ones under the care of such facility.

We offer custom programs for mind, body, and happiness. Our 24 hour care team provides custom meals for taste and diet, activities integrated with technology, and medical records that can be synced for family members as well. We update family members daily but also offer hundreds of apps on the iPad that let you do the talking with your loved one. Dr.Patel and our medical staff have spent years learning the biggest concerns of family members and we aim to address them. Our facility one allows 10 residents at a time so you can be assured your loved one will always have the attention and care they deserve.See a tour of the former Aurora Manor, a 20 year old facility. We have redeveloped the facility with new management, iPad integration, design, activities, meals, electronic medical records, easier access to doctors and nurses, and meditation garden. Our rooms range from $2500 for a double to $3500 for a single.

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