Infinite Knife Hit, one of the most fuss-free and entertaining game launches on Google Play

Infinite Knife Hit is the brand new game on Google Play store that is one of the most fuss-free and simple games available for Android users. Unlike several other games that feature high-end graphics, multiple controls and use much of brain skills, Infinite Knife Hit just requires the users to show how fast they can use their fingers.

As the name suggests, the game allows the user to throw infinite knives at a rotating dartboard. The goal of the user is to throw as many knives as they can at the dartboard however, they can’t throw a new knife where they have already thrown a knife before. So, a new knife can only be thrown at an empty space on the dart board and if the thrown knife hits another knife on the dart board, the game will be over.

Infinite Knife Hit is fairly simple to play and the user can throw the knives by tapping on their mobile screen. They have to keep tapping as fast as possible to throw the maximum knives. The score achieved by the user is saved as the high score. The game is simplistic yet highly addictive because the player may come back everytime to check if they can throw any faster than before and beat their previous score. Furthermore, Infinite Knife Hit also makes a great party game where a group of friends can play the game and see who’s got the fastest finger tapping power.

Infinite Knife Hit features a simple user interface and easiest controls. It is an engaging score based game that allows the user to hit a knife by tapping on the screen. This game is ideal for taking a quick break from work as it only takes a few minutes (or seconds) to play one round. It is also suitable refreshing the mind as it provides quick entertainment and fun. The users can also play this game to quickly let their anger or frustration out by throwing knives on their mobile (and not harming anyone in real life!).

The game is developed by Brandon Kramer and requires Android version 3.3 and over to run smoothly. In a short period of its launch, the game has received over 100 installs from users worldwide.

The game is available for free download at Google Playstore

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