WarehouseOS Inventory Management Apps Help Companies with Common Challenges

WarehouseOS is a low cost of entry inventory management app that helps companies address these common challenges, according to Tim Hoj, CEO of Hoj Innovations, the parent company to Warehouse Mobile Solutions. Founded by experienced material handling professionals, Warehouse Mobile Solutions has been changing the landscape of distribution centers and warehouses by implementing innovative processes through visualization on a tablet. Deployed as a native app through the Apple App store, WarehouseOS has an extremely simple interface that allows faster and more accurate picks. In many cases, this cloud-based tablet-based fulfillment has cut the amount of time and cost it takes to fulfill daily orders in half through its patented visual processes.

The warehouse model was different when pallets of products were being shipped to retailers. Warehouses with fork trucks were operating in a B2B (business to business) modality. Raw materials came into a manufacturing plant, product was made, and then shipped out for distribution to the brick and mortar stores.

E-commerce changed that entire paradigm. Some call this the Amazonification of retail, where a small number of SKUs are shipping in a bubble pack to the end-user, consumer.  This B2C (Business to Consumer) model is quite different than B2B. Pallets are gone in many cases and it is a matter of effectively planning an internal fulfillment center. It is critical to know where the inventory is located, in what quantity, when to reorder, how to pick and pack quickly with accuracy. Product must arrive promptly at the customer’s doorstep, and there must be a plan to manage returns.

A team of experts in material handling equipment and solutions developed WarehouseOS to maximize the throughput of warehousing and distribution facilities. Bottom-line: a tablet solution enables manufacturers and distribution centers to be a step ahead of the competition.

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About Hoj Engineering & Sales Co. Inc.:

Hoj Engineering, based in Utah, with clients throughout the United States, are a leader in warehouse distribution consulting and material handling solutions. Hoj (pronounce Hoy) opened their doors more than fifty years ago as an engineering-driven family business with a mission to change the industry. Today Hoj Engineering & Sales Company operates with 150 employees and over 50 service vehicles.

Tim Hoj, CEO of the company, shared that all at the firm are passionate for providing the most rigorous and creative design solutions, backed up by exceptional customer service and friendly, caring people. Hoj Engineering’s goal is to extend the boundaries of modern material handling and logistics, one customer at a time.

Hoj Engineering specializes in internal logistic design, space utilization, productivity and process improvement studies, and app driven inventory management solutions.  The company provides support to the distribution, fulfillment, and manufacturing industries throughout the United States. Some of their satisfied customers include Sparkle in Pink, Pitman Creek Wholesale, Backcountry.com, and CampSaver.com.

Contact Hoj Engineering at http://www.hoj.net/contact-us/.

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