The Joy Of Retirement – Airwheel H3S Smart Electric Wheelchair

Many people choose to retire when they are eligible for private or public pension benefits. Retirement might coincide with important life changes. Travelling with Airwheel H3S smart wheelchair will be a good choice. The limitation of traditional vehicles has made Airwheel research and design team work harder and with unremitting efforts, Airwheel has made a breakthrough releasing H3S.

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It has been found that Americans have several lifestyle choices as they age: continuing to work full-time, part-time, becoming engaged in a variety of leisure activities, becoming involved in a variety of recreational and leisure activities. Tourism is a common marker of retirement and for some becomes a way of life, such as for so-called grey nomads. Some retired people even choose to go and live in warmer climates in what is known as retirement migration. Go further with Airwheel H3S smart chair.

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Airwheel H3S Electric Wheelchair is innovative. With unremitting efforts, Airwheel has made a breakthrough making the chair with dual ride modes come true. In the manual mode, it is like the traditional wheelchair and rider can enjoy the company of friends and families. The electric mode gives riders an effortless ride and allows riders to stop and chat freely. For another, Airwheel H3S folding electric wheelchair is equipped with automatic folding system, pressing one button to fold up or unfold. It can be stored any corner. Also, it has adaptability that is more extraordinary in outdoor environment by virtue of the unique design of exposed tyres and the front Omni-directional wheels with 360° flexible steering.


H3S is the first smart electric wheelchairs of its kind that controls by the smart joystick controller. Small and comfortable, it accords with ergonomics. H3S is easy to control by pushing the controller to the corresponding directions. When rider’s hand does not touch the controller, it will automatically brake. When reversing, H3S will automatically beep to remind passers-by around to ensure safety. After the analysis of Airwheel H3S, there is no difficulty to find the reason behind rider’s fascination with H3S power and manual wheelchair. Interested in it? You can get more detailed info from the official web ( or purchase it from Amazon (

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