Karzen Assets Management Group Ltd – the Global Venture Capital Investment Group Expands Rapidly

Karzen Assets Management Group Ltd, a new era of innovation is taking place, from stocks、gold to futures, from cellular technology and molecular technology to stem cell technology, and the wave of intelligent ecological technology is sweeping through our lives. A successful era is setting up, a world class venture capital and incubation aircraft carrier is ready to launch, with the initiative to launch a long journey. The trillion-level market with technology + industry + capital is untwist. Now we are working together to make a sincere cooperation for the future.


Karzen Assets Management Group Ltd which aims to create wealth for more investors by using scientific investment ideas.It was founded in 2014, headquarter is located in New York, USA, it is a global venture capital group dedicated to the research of hedge funds, biotechnology, online entertainment, foreign exchange finance and other industries.

Karzen is growing rapidly since it was established, with high standards to defining investment norms, injecting huge amounts of capital to global quality industry and the high quality project. Using the law of high level of capital operation, circulation market gains access to capital. With more than 300,000 active customers and over 8,000 partners, the transaction volume has exceeded us $35 billion. The global financial services of global is diversification, and it has established offices and subsidiaries in several regions including southeast Asia and Europe.

Open the door of  financial platform to realize the dream of wealth and freedom.

Foreign exchange market, as an international capital speculation market, has a much shorter history than stocks, gold, futures and interest markets. However, it develops rapidly at an alarming rate. With the promotion of the process of financial globalization, it has gradually replaced the stock and futures and become the mainstream of world finance. Since 1976, the rapid development of the foreign exchange market, trading volume has exponential growth, by 2013, the average daily trading volume reached $5 trillion and 400 billion, Karzen estimate that the foreign exchange will be the most important fulcrum of a global capital market, so the group formally enter the foreign exchange market in 2014, spending huge capital to absorb the industry elite, the authority of the wind control experts, professional capital management team. Realize the “comprehensive hosting, enjoy revenue”, the group’s platform for customer investment are global authoritative foreign exchange platform, capital security and customer information are strictly controlled by the platform, provide customers with “one-stop” service and “package” financial solutions.

Karzen successfully set up offices and subsidiaries in Southeast Asia and Europe in 2015, and the number of customer is increasing to 30 thousand, creating total revenue 450 million for customers, the group’s annual trading volume reached to 10 billion; the number of customer is increasing to 50 thousand, creating revenue 820 million for customers, group annual trading volume increased to 15 billion; the number of customer is increasing to 100000 in 2017, has accumulated creating revenue 1 billion 250 million for customer , the group’s annual transaction volume is increased to 20 billion. Karzen constantly adapt to the changes in the foreign exchange market, is committed to build a business worldwide diversified financial giants, to bring high-quality financial services, earn high profits for the vast number of investment customers and enterprises .

Since its inception, except to open the field of foreign exchange, continue to expand group business landscape from private, biotechnology, new energy investment of various fields such as hedge funds, management, .

Karzen’s online entertainment core product “Easyhappy online entertainment platform” is the largest user volume, the most extensive coverage and the most profitable profit product in the world. In 2015, 50 thousand users were developed, the total amount of entertainment transactions in the year was 1 billion. In 2016, the number of users increased to 80 thousand, the total amount of entertainment transactions increased to 2 billion in the year, and 150 thousand users had been developed in 2017, and the total amount of entertainment transactions will reach 5 billion in 2017. Karzen is investing in interest earning through online entertainment platform, and online application loan is issued in real time. It combines financial industry, consumer and entertainment industry to get huge profits for investors. In 2016, it successfully joined the world casino alliance and realized online and off line integration service in the alliance member entertainment alliance of the global alliance.

In addition, Karzen international has contribution in the field of biotechnology it spent billions of dollars cooperate with a German institute for biological studies in 2014, it is committed to stem cell regenerative medicine clinical transformation is applied to life.

Group has established stem cell application operation center in several Asian countries, reserve health and hope for tens of thousands of families by strict and professional services,created good social and economic benefits.

Nowadays, Karzen covers foreign exchange, private equity and biotechnology, new energy investment in the financial sector, and the architecture of financial holding group is beginning to take shape.Karzen hopes that through its own efforts, innovate history for each investor, so that every profitable desire can be ignited in the dream of the international group, gain more achievements and capital, and get experience in life.

Being far-sighted so as to continue the future. Karzen with swift gesture like a “eagle”, occupies a place in capital market. Karzen originates from investment and focuses on capital operation. It is a banner of the investment enterprise. With its corporate culture of “honesty, objectivity, innovation, sharing and win-win”, by double-wheel driving mode of “operation + investment”, it integrates superior resources, realizes diversified, internationalized quality change in leaps and bounds, and becomes the leader of global capital market operation, creates unlimited value for clients, and achieves mutual benefits and win-win results. In the multi-level capital market structure, it continuously realizes new flying over!

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