Virtu Financial Coming Soon Transaction Counter Blockchain Coin – VIRT

In early 2018 Virtu Financial, a traditional high-frequency trading company, acquired the capital of knight and once expressed that the company was warming up to join the blockchain market hand in hand. Sure enough, within a month they started the move, and Douglas Cifu, Virtu Financial’s chief executive, told Wall Street recently that the company is going to issue the upcoming token VIRT for the trading desk.

In 2017, over 600 tokens of various industries and blockchain-based tokens rapidly expanded in various industries. This allows the world slowly to accept the idea of belonging to a new era: physical assets can be digitized. Trading counters Introducing blockchain-based tokens is a natural project, as major equities and commodity exchanges involve over-the-counter transactions, arguably the most active blockchain areas, such as the major US stock exchange providers Nasdaq even released its own blockchain deal last fall. The program, called Linq, trades and tracks private-equity stocks. Now many high-frequency trading agencies are involved in different forms of blockchain tokens.

The traditional trading counter has various problems such as the opaqueness of various information caused by the transaction intermediary, the inadequate supervision and the lack of timely follow-up of funds. When blockchain technology is used to create a new low-liquidity asset trading system, the deposit customers, wealth management clients, corporate legal persons, banks and securities are connected in a distributed network without the need of the external trust endorsement main body to intervene, With more credibility; the blockchain data is open to all and transparent except for the proprietary information of the parties to the transaction; any human intervention is ineffective and less intrusive and counter-interventionary, as the counter may be involved Out of financial crime, such a multi-point distribution system to strengthen financial regulation is of great significance. Although shared finance is overwhelming, developing a new eco-chain that is adaptable to VIRT is a big win, making the entire trade counter chain more free, trustworthy and secure than ever before.

The basic design of VIRT guarantees three principles:

1) It is safe, open, redundant stored in a distributed network, effectively avoiding being tampered with and single point of failure.

2) completely open source, autonomous operation, will not be centralized control of the organization, institutions or individuals can be improved to respond to market demand, but must be user consensus.

3) A value-proven cryptography algorithm is used to generate the token. Decentralized applications have the potential to be self-sufficient by investing in the development of applications through the rights of authorized systems. At the same time open and transparent, safe and reliable, to trust.

As a traditional high-frequency trading giant, Virtu Financial has been the industry’s attention since its entry into the blockchain business. The forthcoming VIRT, a trading counter token, is promising. Deutsche Börse, operator of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, even prepared a $ 60 million financing for Digital Asset Holdings. Elmer Funke Kupper, ASX’s chief executive, also expressed his deep concern and support.

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Company Name: Virtu Financial
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