Oficina de Historia Mocambique Joins Forces With Pamper Me Network To Develop Social Rewards Platform For Researchers, Authors and Book Publishers

Oficina de História Moçambique
Pamper Me Network works with Oficina de Historia Mocambique to help universities to identify experts for research projects while providing students, researchers and publishers with a financial incentive to help each other.

Toronto – The Pamper Me Network announced today a new strategic partnership with Oficina de História Moçambique (www.OhMoz.com) and the Harriet Tubman Institute to develop a platform for researchers, authors and book publishers to enhance their ability to identify and close international collaboration partnerships, automate content distribution as well as monetize their social media following. 

This new partnership is designed to support Oficina de História Moçambiques’ global mission to provide educational training in various historical disciplines, research techniques and the digital humanities in Canada, Moçambique and other African countries. 

The collaboration supports the creation of an online bookstore, collaboration search business directory and search engine, annual conferences and workshops as well as the provision of specialized consulting, speaking, research and advisory services.  

“We are excited to be working with the Pamper Me Network”, says Abubacar Fofana León, Founder, Oficina de História Moçambique. 

Leon adds, “many of Oficina de História Moçambique members including scholars, researchers and students have requested extensive, dynamic and specialized research programming as well as improved access to tools that allow them to: 

  • Forge international academic research and commercial collaboration partnerships;
  • Expand distribution of their scholarly and commercial works;
  • Engage in historical dialogue regarding the socio-economical, political, environmental and cultural evolution of the African diaspora;
  • Monetize the relationships they have fostered online.” 

The OhMoz.com website makes this possible. 

The Pamper Me Network has been contracted to provide technical, customer and marketing support for the OhMoz.com website. In addition, PMN will work in partnership with OhMoz.com and the Harriet Tubman Institute to organize local and international events, assist content creators in distributing and monetizing their intellectual property as well as provide the software technology required for rewarding content publishers and social media users for sharing special offer announcements or scholarly content. 

“Our collaboration with Oficina de História Moçambique is part of the Pamper Me Networks’ global mission to educate a new generation of students and content creators while improving our campus footprint”, says Matrix Thompson, Founder, Pamper Me Network.

Together withOficina de História Moçambique, we aspire to make it easier for universities to identify experts for research projects while providing students, researchers and publishers with a financial incentive to help each other. 

For more information please visit www.OhMoz.com

About Oficina de História Moçambique (OHMOZ) 

The Oficina de História Moçambique is an academic research and cultural association based in Maputo where national and international researchers aim to contribute to the ongoing research and debates on the history of Moçambique as well as the wider history of Africa and its Diasporas. It is a collaborative and inter-transdisciplinary platform for historical investigation where the annual conference is the meeting space for sharing completed research projects and research in progress.  

About Pamper Me Network

The Pamper Me Network (PMN) is a social rewards software development company. PMN develops social rewards technology for brands that wish to recruit & reward social media influencers for sharing their content including special offer announcements. The technology is highly scalable supporting websites, apps, content and contests. As the worlds’ fastest growing social rewards network for individuals and brands, PMN powers over 120,000 websites and apps. PMNs’ award winning cloud-based and Joomla software components revolutionizes content distribution, sales lead generation and user rewards management, enabling clients and joint venture partners to generate sales leads worth over $7,000,000.

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