Baby Bones to release debut record The Curse of the Crystal Teeth via Gubbey Records April 14th, 2018

Louisville, Ky is home to many great musical acts of the 20th and 21st century and now one more group of light-bearers is carving their names in laser beams among the long hollowed list of other lauded bands.

Band members Dave Rucinski (guitar/vocals), Thomas Burgos (guitar/vocals/bass) and Badnewz Brandum (drums) have been well-established names in the Louisville music scene for years, all forging their own unique musical footprint. In early/mid(2016) the trio recorded a song for the We Have a Bevin Problem compilation under the mantle of Baby Bones, rocketing themselves into an unknown future.

Imagine if KISS went punk, knocked up the Queens of the Stone Age but married a surfer girl, then got divorced and remarried the sister of Slayer. That’s what Baby Bones brings to the table. A punk conglomeration of modern sound birthed from the murky waters of music’s excessively scandalous history. The question should not be has Baby Bones reinvented the wheel; nay, the question might rather be: why did they set complete fire to the car that the wheel was attached to?

If anything, Baby Bones oozes the essence of rock music. Guitars fuss and throw tantrums, vocals slither through the jungle of sound, the drums palpitate with rhythm and punctuate with abandon. When you’re prepping for the street brawl, they’ll be your fight music. When you punch a Nazi, they’ll be your theme song. And when you are ready to love again, they’ll be your make-up song.

Enter the band’s debut, The Curse of the Crystal Teeth. It is, without a shadow of doubt, a record of its times. A record born out of sheer force to challenge the edifice of modern ills, by mere suggestion, allowing listeners a chance to draw their own solutions. Baby Bones-The Curse of the Crystal Teeth be released April 14th, 2018 through Gubbey Records on Cassette, CD, Digital Download and streaming on all

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