Making It Easy: David Shillito Turns Clients’ Businesses Into Money Making Machines

David Shillito’s proprietary strategies and business solutions put a priority on profit and his clients are reaping the rewards.

Expert salesman David Shillito of ( is bringing his selling skills to the market, helping business owners maximize their yield by implementing his simple strategies.

“If all your business does is buy and sell, or provide a service, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table,” Shillito says. “I solve this problem by revealing seven other elegant business models you can bolt on, starting next week.”

Working with Shillito, clients can expect to: find new clarity, gain new understanding, receive new tools, undergo a complete transformation, and make more money.

Using his proprietary business model, Business Model Mastery, Shillito’s students are able to not only rejuvenate their own businesses, they are also able to transform themselves.

“My proprietary process, Business Model Mastery, reveals and explains evergreen systems & strategies as well as modern sales tactics,” Shillito says. “They don’t just get results because they know more. They get results because they become more. They graduate equipped forever with a better mind for business.”

Shillito gets the results his clients are after. Whether maximizing the value on each product sold, reinventing a business model, or providing new strategies for increased growth, Shillito has been successfully helping clients since 1976.

Based in the UK, Shillito counts his successes by how many clients reap the rewards of his programs and also, by fostering the growth of new students.

“I’m after that moment, in person or on the phone, when I’m revealing a new business idea & the penny drops; when the other person has a moment of both new clarity & excitement over the possibilities. As a result, I get testimonials from all over the world about my elegant business ideas.”

One client, David Litten, was able to use Shillito’s strategies to turn his struggling retirement income into a cash bonanza.

“My signature system, Business Model Mastery, took David Litten, a struggling 67-year-old retired lecturer, isolated half-way up a Spanish mountain, from being unable to pay his utility bills to living in a €1.4 Million villa with over $10,000 a month in digital sales,” Shillito says.

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