Off Mobile – An app allowing you the fly a plane by switching a phone on and off is now available on Google Play and Amazon app stores.

Chennai, TN:  Available today on android app stores, the app, Off Mobile, tells the story of what each passenger is made to go through when taking a flight. The app is intended for gamers, who can look at the funny side of life.

The time is right to provide a funny engineering way to look at an engineering problem. We think that most of the problems we face can be viewed in a funny way, and this app is a step forward, on the same. The creator of the app, Ganesh Bharadwaj, believes that, other than funny ways to look at the problem, we can also have a scientific approach to the problem, which will allow passengers to make calls using their mobile phones in passenger aircrafts.

The app contains a mobile phone, which can be turned on and off. Whenever one of the on-board passengers (gamer) turns on their cell-phone, it interferes with the flight navigation system, causing the plane to plunge. Turning off their cell-phone stabilizes the plane, once again. The objective of the game is to steer the plane to safety.

The app is currently available on Google Play store and Amazon app store for 0.99 USD only. The app is available across 139 different countries.  Please visit and for more demo screenshots and to test out the app.

The Off Mobile app is made by ANRO Consultants Private Limited, Chennai, India. ANRO recently developed the NinjaClimb app and is currently developing 3 concept-based games to be uploaded on Google Play and Amazon app stores.

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Company Name: Off Mobile
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