Dr. Cynthia Gardner Reaches Two Best Seller Lists with ‘Castaway Cradles’

The new book release “Castaway Cradles” hit #5 for the Counseling category and #17 for the Social Issues category in the Amazon Kindle store.

In the recently released Amazon Best Seller, Castaway Cradles, Author, Cynthia Gardner, shares her determination to provide food, education and greater opportunities to children growing up in similar situations.

The book features Dr. Gardner’s birth child, King’s Kids Youth Bootcamps. Having grown up in practically the worst of circumstances— premature, out of wedlock in 1955, anemic, medically prophesied and marked for death, split undereducated blue collar parents, functional alcoholism, financial stressors, intermittent domestic violence, uneducated but loving and doting grandmother—she knows a lot about the growth pangs of suburban and inner city youth.

Over the years, Gardner has personally helped many children realize their dreams of becoming attorneys, doctors, psychologists and other successful endeavors. She keeps in contact, follows their progress and coaches them as needed. Their accomplishments are a testament to the success of her programs. She has shown that it is possible to make a positive impact on others’ lives, even when their situation appears to be hopeless.

The New Mercy Seat Ministries has many programs, including King’s Kid Youth Boot Camp, which helps youth who need a boost in life. These children participate in programs throughout the school year, during the entire summer and other school breaks. She is working on two permanent projects dear to her heart and over 30 years of effort: 1) God, Grace & Grit: The Birthing of the Kings’ Kids Youth Bootcamp which provides a startup kit for bootcamp mini-me’s throughout the world and will be released this month (Xlibris under Bishop Dr. Cynthia King Bolden Gardner, JD., D.Div.) and 2) establishing Sojourner Truth Academy as a private school in educationally compromised Carthage, Mississippi. Donations may be made via the websites.

To learn more about Dr. Cynthia Gardner and King’s Kids, visit: http://newmercyseatministries.com, http://theeaglespeaksgoodnews.com, and http://sojournertruthacademy.com

“Castaway Cradles” is available in the Amazon Bookstore at http://www.amazon.com/Castaway-Cradles-Dr-Cynthia-Gardner-ebook/dp/B00O18LBBE/

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