Sarah Tedesco Moves Clients Into A Higher Plane With Her Business: Elevated Life

Helping clients break through barriers and reconfigure their lives, life coach, Sarah Tedesco, gets results.

For life coach Sarah Tedesco of Elevated Life Coach (, helping clients succeed and break barriers is her raison d’etre.

“I am a personal empowerment coach who helps people transform the fears, beliefs, habits and patterns that hold them back and keep them stuck, and reclaim their personal power so that they can act in alignment with who they really are and what they really want: a life of authentic happiness, fulfillment, empowerment and freedom,” Tedesco says.

Working with Tedesco, clients can expect to: find clarity about their true goals in life; experience newfound energy, excitement, and enthusiasm; discover the personal control, mindset, and skillset; discover that personal changes lead to larger life and lifestyle changes.

While working with clients, Tedesco addresses the whole person, their goals, and what barriers may be in their way. Through a process of discernment, Tedesco and her clients work together to address whatever self-limiting behaviors and attitudes are holding those clients back from success.

“I have helped clients to recover from substance abuse, eating disorders, symptoms of depression, self-loathing and hopelessness,” Tedesco says. “I have helped them to lose-weight, save their relationships, and create lives that they love to live.”

Often helping clients break bad habits, step out from old patterns, and discover ingrained cycles of dysfunctional behavior, Tedesco reports that one client, Marla, came to her on the verge of making serious, unwelcome life changes. According to Tedesco, this client was feeling the sting of a lifetime’s worth of unhappiness and misdirected anger that was harming her relationships and driving those that she loved further and further away.

With Tedesco’s help, Marla was able to refocus her energy, make discoveries about herself that helped her redirect her anger, and learn valuable coping skills that supported her efforts to stop alienating those she loved.

“In our first session, Marla’s whole outlook transformed. She began to see new possibilities, and felt hopeful for the future for the first time in as long as she could remember,” Tedesco says. “As we worked together, she began to understand why she was acting the way she did and why she had felt powerless to change.”

After working with Tedesco for one month, Marla’s outlook had improved and she was rewarded for her efforts by feeling happier and more at ease. Tedesco’s plan for Marla included daily exercise which helped Marla lose weight and look and feel better. As a result of working with her, Tedesco says, Marla was able to push past the limits she was putting on herself and truly break through into becoming a more successful person – in all areas of her life.

“The value of my work is that it goes to the core issues that affect fulfillment in every area of life,” Tedesco says. “It is not about isolated problems and solutions, or the all-too-common approach of applying band-aid fixes to the surface of deeper wounds; it views problems as symptoms and seeks to address the deeper cause.”

By employing a holistic approach, Tedesco is able to address her clients needs whether they are personal or professional or both. Her ability to work with her clientele with empathy and offer real, concrete strategies and solutions make Tedesco a reasonable choice for those clients who are looking to make real changes.

“My holistic approach is influenced by my lifelong study of philosophy, yoga, and the mind, and incorporates tools and techniques from my training in strategic intervention coaching, transformational hypnosis, and neuro-linguistic programming,” Tedesco says.

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