Furniture Buffers Celebrates 5 Star Reviews on Variety Pack of Felt Pads

San Antonio, TX – When folks move into a new house, it’s only natural that one of their first instincts is to fill the fresh space with brand new furniture to really seal the deal. While picking out the perfect recliner and coffee table for the living room or bookshelves for the study, homeowners focus heavily on their sought after pieces of furniture. And once these pieces are in the home, people do all they can to protect the furniture from damage with liners, stain-resistant finishes, and coasters galore. But what about protecting the house from the furniture? This often overlooked problem can leave a new home with gashes on hardwood floors and scratches all over tile. Luckily for homeowners everywhere, the team at produces top notch furniture pads and other accessories that will keep that new house safe and looking pristine.

Furniture Buffers is an online company whose products–available exclusively on Amazon–have continually received top 5-star ratings and positive reviews from customers. Focusing on creating a few really amazing products instead of stretching themselves thin with dozens of cheaply-made items, this customer-centric company has manufactured a product guaranteed to prevent scratching on hardwood floors by even the heaviest of furniture.

Furniture Buffers felt pads are available in a variety of sizes to fit any type of furniture or fixture, and the products couldn’t be easier to use or safer for cherished furniture. The company promises that their furniture pads will not accidentally come off of chair or table legs once applied and will not leave any sort of mark. Simply peel back the protective paper to expose the adhesive and stick on the desired furniture. It really is that simple to protect your floors and keep your furniture spotless.

Not only can the products from Furniture Buffers be used as floor protectors, but they are also a great solution for cabinet doors and countertop accessories. By simply applying a small felt pad to everyday items, families can easily avoid the loud banging of kitchen drawers and scrapping spice racks and surpass the unsightly marks left on the inside of cupboards. Plus, since the pads reduce noise pollution from slamming cabinets and scraping chairs, they can foster a peaceful and inviting ambiance in any home.

With immense customer care and a dedication to the integrity of their products, Furniture Buffers offers a great option for floor and furniture protection at an unbeatable price. Try the Pack – a variety of 144 felt pads at only $19.99 – and preserve the home you love with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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