Epic Theatre Empress Wu Zetian is to be on Show in Luoyang, China, the Chinese Treasure Attracts Tremendous Attention.

On March 14, a classic Chinese beauty on the NASDAQ screen in New York Times Square drew the attention and cheers of the public. It is learned that she is the beautiful actress of large live-action epic theatre Luoyang Empress Wu Zetian in China.


All the time, we are accustomed to naming China the mysterious oriental world because of its advanced civilization beyond our imagination, as well as the continuous history and culture. World wonders as the Great Wall and Terracotta Army show their charming and style. What’s more, China has more and more international metropolis, including Beijing and Shanghai. Recently, with the launch of large live-action theatre Empress Wu Zetian in Luoyang, China, we will see a mysterious historic city, Luoyang.


Wu Zetian, the empress of China, is as talented as Churchill.

According to Chinese historical data, Wu Zetian was selected into the imperial harem at the age of 14 and was the “Cai Ren” (concubine) of Emperor Taizong of Tang (polygamy was implemented for ancient Chinese men and “Cai Ren” is much lower than wife), named “Wumei”. Later she became “Zhao Yi” and empress consort of Emperor Gaozong, with the honorific title of “Tian Hou”, called “Double Emperors” together with Emperor Gaozong. After the death of Emperor Gaozong, she began to reign as the empress dowager of Emperor Zhongzong and Ruizong of Tang. She is the only female empress in Chinese history (reign from 690 to 705), as well as the oldest emperors when ascending (at the age of 67) and one of the longest-lived emperors (died at the age of 82).

In China, many films and TV works have begun to reproduce the life, appearance, story of Wu Zetian in recent years. But many historians point out that many details are for dramatic effect, not real history. In China, a big historical and cultural country, people prefer official history. In view of this, in Luoyang, China, the cultural birthplace of Wu Zetian, there will be a culture feast about Empress Wu Zetian. And the large live-action theatre Empress Wu Zetian in Luoyang, China has entered the final preparatory phase. It’s known that many international friends loving Chinese culture are ready to go to Luoyang and feel the culture edification.

See the Actress of Wu Zetian in Backstage Visit, She Looks Amazing, like Juliet.

Our journalist implemented an exclusive interview to the head of large live-action theatre Luoyang Empress Wu Zetian, and investigated the cultural treasure attracting the attention from the world in advance.

In the interview, Director Zhu Jun said, “The reason we reproduce Wu Zetian is that throughout her life, it was exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful, legendary, vigorous and indomitable. Her record has never been approached and will never be approached again. She was so charming that she had the pleasure of entering the haram and handled the love of two generations of emperors with ease. Her legend fulfilled the prophecy that “the sovereign descends the world and a woman will be the empress”. Her brilliance left a good name forever in Chinese history and her ambition realized the great prosperity of Zhou Dynasty. In addition, she served as a link between Zhenguan and Kaiyuan period. She was so charming that countless heroes were attracted.


Such historical figures combining Churchill’s wisdom and Juliet’s beauty are also a minority on the international stage. In the backstage, we saw the actress of Wu Zetian, who has fresh face and fair skin, with strong and powerful expression in her eyes, imperial temperament and a dignified appearance. Her clothes are also exquisite, with delicate dragon and phoenix embroidery, almost the same as what we see in the museum. Many international friends on the scene make comments on their Facebook that they will try to see the live theater Empress Wu Zetian, since it is extremely shocking.

According to the Chinese official information, the large live-action theatre Empress Wu Zetian is a project of Cultural Industry Park for Luoyang Flourishing Tang Dynasty. In this industrial park, there are stunning large landscape performing arts zone, fragrant garden flower theme functional zone and intelligent social function experience zone, etc. It has both historical and cultural heritage and modern cultural atmosphere, which is regarded as one of the top historical scenic spots in China.


There is an old saying in China, “One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero”. Now there is another saying in China, “One who fails to see theatre Empress Wu Zetian in Luoyang doesn’t visit China truly!”

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