China-Hifi-Audio Produces Innovative Tube Amplifiers Related Products To Meet Customer Needs For High Quality Music

With innovative products like Mingda tube amplifier, Xiangsheng DA-05B USB DAC, and Xiangsheng 728A tube pre-amplifier; China-Hifi-Audio empowers their customers to enjoy fun and functionality equally in their busy lives.

Perhaps, one of the most significant achievements of the human civilization is music. Music is often hailed as an enriching food for the soul and a soothing balm for the wounded heart. Music can be pastime, passion, or profession for any individual. The technical term for high fidelity (hi-fi) music admirer is an audiophile. The hi-fi audio devices are notably different from the generic instruments. The difference is visible (or, rather, audible) in their designs and output sound quality. China-Hifi-Audio is a trusted manufacturer of high-end audio devices and is considered as a market leader in that business segment. All their products can be shipped globally, and they cater to many big as well as small corporates worldwide.

The YAQIN TUBE AMP is the newest baby in town. This highly sophisticated audio device boasts some cool, advanced features. Its hardware contains a Cathode output circuitry and also a two-connection mode for an out-of-the-world sensory experience. It has two built-in functions; namely, the Ultra Linear Amplifier mode, and the Triode mode. One can also switch between the integrated amplification mode and the pure power amplification mode. The product carries a modest sticker price and is backed by a one year warranty against any kinds of production anomalies and malfunctions.

China-Hifi-Audio Produces Innovative Tube Amplifiers Related Products To Meet Customer Needs For High Quality Music

RFTLYS TUBE AMPLIFIER, Dussun, Shanling, Opera, Original, LITE, JungSon, Shengya, Bewitch, Music Angel, Meixing Mingda, Qinpu (Chpo) are some of the well-known brands they stock. All their products can be bought online and can be shipped worldwide with the help of their global logistics partners.

The XIANGSHENG tube preamp is one such product which is immensely popular among their domestic and international clientele. It is an upgraded version of the previous model of the pre-amplifier set. The beautifully designed Xiangshen 728A tube preamp has been all time favorite with all age groups because of its new and improvised functions. The neat interior incorporates further miniaturized logic circuits. An anti-corrosive aluminum plating and also a blue power indicator display are added to the front panel.

The Xiangsheng DA-05B USB DAC is yet another product that everybody would want to add to their collections. The upgraded power circuitry can now handle a wide range of voltage fluctuations, ranging from a hundred to two hundred and forty volts of alternating current coming from domestic supply. The upgraded R-Core power transformer delivers enough juice so that the device can generate a blasting output. The front panel is coated with thick aluminum plating to protect the device from moisture, sticky dust, and scratches occurring from daily wear and tear. An appealing blue light power indicator has also been added for enhanced aesthetics.

About China-Hifi-Audio:

China-Hifi-Audio is a Guangzhou-based hi-fi audio manufacturer that sells amplifiers, CD players, and various kinds of audio devices online. More information about their offerings can be obtained by visiting their official web address.

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