Zheng Lin Dian Ascended to the World’s First Screen of the Nasdaq

March 15, 2018 – Zheng Lin Dian was named as “The First Screen in the World” by Nasdaq in Times Square. As the video shows, among them is the display of Zhenglin Hall’s Beijing headquarters. Including the lobby, concert hall, guqin classroom, VIP dining conference center. There was also the appearance of Mr. Zhang Hanlin, Chairman of Zheng Lindian.Guqin Performance and Zheng Lin Temple is in the ongoing process of Zheng Lin Dian Gu Qin Town Planning.

Zheng Lin Dian as Internet Enterprise in Guqin Industry, The company has demonstrated its own corporate image and corporate strength to the world,Let Zhenglin Hall and Guqin stand at the “crossroads of the world”, Talk to the world and become the global focus. The world has demonstrated the excellent image of the Chinese Guqin brand and the beauty of Chinese traditional culture. 

New York is an important financial and economic center in the world,Times Square is located in downtown New York, because of its economic, cultural, and financial status and prestige in the world, it is also known as the “crossroads of the world.”

Nasdaq was founded in 1971 and Japan has become the world’s second largest stock exchange market.

Times Square, located next to Times Square in New York, represents the “Nasdaq” trading center. The center is a large studio with high-tech projection screens. Reports from journalists from CNBC, CNN, Yahoo Finance, Fox News and other media and other advertisements.It is used by major US media as the main route of transmission.

The semi-cylindrical Nasdaq giant screen is a landmark of New York’s Times Square.Its up to 36.6 meters, production costs more than 37 million US dollars,Due to its large screen area and wide influence in the world, it was rated by the media as “the world’s first screen.”

Zheng Lindian’s advertisement is displayed on this Nasdaq screen. Zheng Lin Dian became the first Guqin brand to advertise on Nasdaq.

As you can see,The heart and perseverance of the Promote traditional culture including Guqin culture,The responsibility of the Chinese civilization, which has been inherited by the vast and profound, is unforgettable and cannot be neglected.Zheng Lin Dian inspiring to promote the Guqin culture to the world,Taking the world as a starting point, we will serve the Qin people more extensively and comprehensively to the benefit of the Qin community.

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