Skin Expert Has New Practical Tips for A Healthy Skin

“Have healthy skin and want to see it stay that way? Visiting a quality skin care clinic is the best way to make that happen”

Skin care clinics are more than just a place to get a facial once in a while. A good skin care clinic is a place to get advice, guidance, regular treatmentsand knowledge about how to care for the skin every day.


“You only get one skin. Take care of it,” says Marion Simms owner of Skin Sense Wellness in LA. “What we do is analyze your skin type and then offer suggestions for treatments and products you can do daily, weekly and  monthlyto improve and maintain.”

Daily care starts with careful washing. Depending on a person’s skin type, the kind of product used will vary.

“If you have very dry skin, you need something with a moisturizing base,” says Simms. “If you have very oily skin, you need something that removes some of the oils, but does not strip the skin. This will cause dehydration and blocked pores. It’s all about finding balance.”

Weekly care can consist of using several face masks that fit the person’s skin type.A good skin care clinic can recommend the right ones.

“You can buy masksin department stores, online and in discount stores. But you will not have an expert on hand to make sure you are purchasing the right product for your skin to use every week,” Ms. Simms said.

Exfoliation should be a part of the weekly routine as well. Once or twice for sensitive, delicate skin. More consistently for oily, acne prone conditions. Cleansing brushes can also be very helpful for most skin types.

Ms. Simms recommends a monthly treatment at the skin care clinic for most clients. Clients suffering from acne or doing specialized series may come in more regularly. Another advantage of regular treatments apart from keeping your skin youthful is that your facialist can keep an eye out for unusual moles or skin changes. Skin cancer is a very real problem and early detection is key to a full recovery.

“As well as a regular skin care regime, the most important thing you can do is protect yourself from the sun. Tans may look great now, but the long term damage cannot be undone. Protect your skin,” recommends Simms.

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