Painter, Keith Zudell to Showcase Two of His Paintings at the GZ-New York 2018 Art Show.

Individuals, art lovers and art collectors will get a chance to view two of Keith Zudell’s painting at the GZ-New York 2018 Art show starting 18th of march. Start on 19

The right choice in artwork can change the entire energy and feeling of a home or even an office. For art lovers and collectors interested in something very special, there’s good reason to be excited. The 2018 G-Z GZ-New York art show have announced that the show will start on the 19th of March and New Mexico-based painter Keith Zudell will be sharing his passion for photographic art in the finest of ways. Keith’s work offers unique, gallery quality artwork that embraces still life in landscape forms. Here say something about my abstract paintings.

“My work for the past 20 years has embraced the still life and landscape forms, capturing the elusiveness of my environment, or at least recording my wonder and joy at the endless bounty of color and light, which nature casts over the tranquility of my New Mexico world,” commented by Keith Zudell “Working in oils and wielding a thick, impasto style, my art is emphatically defined by mass and volume rather than precise lines, reflecting my ultimate goal as an artist which is to: reveal a new way of seeing the world, rather than just reproducing the world that I see.”

Keith’s compositional approach is spontaneous. To maintain fluidity, He never sketch on the canvas—each piece of work is a pure painting. He works his way into the paintings, getting a feel for how the subject consumes space, and how the light reflects across the canvas. To paint this way, He allows freedom; outlines or focus on the dimensions of an object equal strapping my creativity into a straitjacket. He believes that the merger of style and technique develop a unique texture to each painting. “The texture I get from layering the paint on thick, intrigues most people, prodding their imagination and inviting them into the creative process,” said Keith.

Speaking about the process behind the two paintings he’ll be showcasing at the “I believe any work of art has beauty when the elements of the composition achieve a harmonic and structural unity. I strive to accomplish this by the brush strokes that I uses in the creation of the painting. I am not striving for photo-realism. My aim is to paint what I see as accurately as I can, and also to communicate an atmosphere of color, light and a timeless feel.”

“Two new abstract paintings I painted for this show. They depict a close up view of rusted cars. What drew me to them was the colors that the elements of sun, rain and time created from these abandoned man made objects. Once these vehicles were one person’s pride and joy but now sit ignored, alone and decaying, ever changing with time. I hope with these paintings to capture a moment of that infinite time and the beauty unseen by most.”

If you are interested in any of the paintings or you want to get through to Keith, you do so by going here.

About Keith Zudell

Keith Zudell was educated and worked as an engineer but in his spare time pursued his passion of art. His work was exhibited in several juried shows. In 1985 he attended Bowling Green State University in Ohio. There he majored in fine art printmaking and photography well working on his B.F.A. In 1989 he moved to Denver Colorado. He graduated from the University of Denver with a B.F.A. in 1990. His art has been in exhibitions and galleries in Ohio, Colorado, Arizona, Florida, Paris France and New Mexico and has had one man shows. He now lives in New Mexico but spends time traveling around the country finding new subjects to photograph and paint. His paintings range from abstract to expressionism. He paints using oil in an impasto style.

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