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Charleston, S.C., – yoJanus is pleased to announce the launch of its new website which provides a user-generated database of tenant experiences for anyone looking to rent a home. The site aims to improve the rental experience by allowing tenants to check out reviews posted by past or current renters before making a commitment.

“yoJanus is like Yelp or Glassdoor, but instead of reviewing restaurants or jobs, tenants can now review their landlords and rental properties,” explains company founder/CEO Seth Abramson.

But Abramson points out that they are not in business solely to weed out bad landlords. “We want to give positive exposure to good landlords, and give tenants the power to make an informed choice,” he says.

And yoJanus will also not accept any feedback that is slanderous, libelous or malicious in nature:

“We are not a soapbox. Our only purpose is to provide valuable information and allow people to make informed decisions when choosing their next home.”

Abramson came up with the idea for yoJanus after his own experiences as a tenant:

“I had one terrible property manager experience. She would take weeks to fix important issues, and sometimes she would not fix them at all. For example, I complained about black mold growing on my ceiling and three weeks later she simply painted over the mold, which eventually just grew back.

“I then had a great landlord, who fixed my AC within 24 hours in the middle of the summer. I thought to myself, if I had known about this guy I would have chosen to live with him well before I ever signed a lease with her. So I created yoJanus to help inform my fellow renters.”

To encourage renters to leave reviews, yoJanus is offering $250 to one renter in each of their major target cities in exchange for reviewing a landlord and rental property. The platform is currently marketing in the South East; however, there are plans to go national within the next couple of years.

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