Vivid Launches Token Sale to Manage and Analyze Crypto in 3D

March 16, 2018 – Vivid announced today a token sale for a unified platform it aims to be the de facto standard for consuming and interacting with the cryptocurrency space.

The company’s first product is a cross-platform augmented reality app for tracking coins, analyzing the markets, managing portfolios, and delivering user created content – besting out current competitors with unreliable uptime, convoluted design and a lack of technical analysis tools.

Of Vivid’s recent ICO announcement CEO Ian Nott stated “We are excited to push the boundaries of cryptocurrency portfolio management, and spatial computing, into a new era of platform growth and functionality to the end user. Vivid will provide unique collaborative functions to not only educate our users but also empower them with the tools they need to be successful in this space.”

To solidify itself as a defacto management tool Vivid will be delivering:

● A consumer-friendly visual appeal and social sharing functions which are aimed at Millennials, a generation where 1 in 3 is expected to own cryptocurrency by the end of 2018. In AR mode, users might drop a bull, rocket ship or moon next to 3D charts for showing off crypto gains to friends and followers.

● For crypto day traders, Vivid opens up the world around them to space out technical analysis indicators for evaluation and decision-making. Merging data in 3D allows for better visualization and greater insights, as different layers of information are presented while orbiting graphs and charts. Virtual whiteboarding offers annotation capabilities to connect dots between data.

● Beyond the flagship, app is a content publishing and social influencer platform. The Vivid ecosystem fosters a community of content creators to earn rewards for sharing market opinions and technical analysis. Vivid also offers API’s for 3rd-parties to develop engagement and analytics applications as well as an advertising network for brands to connect with highly targeted consumers.

With over 34% of their presale already raised, there’s still 16 days left before the next phase. Contributors are rewarded with a bonus number of Vivid tokens for participating promptly. Three more phases will follow for earning tokens at a rate corresponding to the time and tier of backing.

Vivid is brought to you by seasoned veterans of AR/VR whose sister company is shifting the paradigm of communication through mixed reality. Its product roadmap contains unique offerings related to data visualization, financial modeling, promotional marketing and community development.

About Vivid Pte. Ltd.

Vivid was born in an R&D lab by the makers of Thrive, a cloud-based mixed reality service for teleporting people and content for lifelike communication and collaboration. Thrive currently supports headworn devices, but is aggressively expanding into mobile AR. As cryptopunks, the team decided to turn their interest in improving the user experience of portfolio management into a case study. Vivid is now an offshoot business based in Singapore.

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