Cosmetic Dentist Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, FL: Dental Implant Interview

“Dr. Robert Adami from Designer Family Dental in Delray Beach and Boynton Beach, FL.”
Dr. Robert Adami and his team at Designer Family Dental are concerned about the statistics reporting that the average adult has more than 3 missing teeth. He participated in an interview to discuss this issue and put his professional knowledge to use, providing advice for the readers.

At the latest interview with Doctor Relations, Dr. Robert Adami, owner of Designer Family Dental in Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, FL, discussed that missing teeth are not solely a cosmetic and bite issue. Health concerns that include bone loss, jaw aches, long-term headaches as well as shoulder pains, are often a result from missing teeth.

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The American Dental Association demonstrated that the normal individual aged twenty through sixty-four has around three or more decayed or missing teeth. This difficulty impacts eating and impacts the rest of the teeth in a damaging way. Substandard dental health generally translates into extra damage to systemic health.

Dr. Adami says, “People today struggling with very poor dental health and missing teeth have more substantial conditions to be troubled about. Jaw pain, migraines, bone elimination inside the mouth, and a fragile immune system can manifest when bacteria enters the bloodstream within the mouth area. Dental diseases regularly trigger cardiovascular, respiratory and liver disorders, not to mention pre-mature or still-born infants in the course of pregnancies.”

Focused on greater problems that develop over time for people who neglect regular tooth check-ups, Dr. Adami’s office gives a free dental consultation, check-up and X-rays. This service has the benefit of a second opinion for those who have treatment solution programs endorsed by some other dental office and would choose to get the plan of action re-evaluated.

Dr. Adami’s office has lots of selections for missing teeth, consisting of implants, dentures, and bridges. They provide patients with professional services, like 3D X-rays (contain to as much as 80% less radiation) and sedation dentistry, which can be helpful to patients that have dental panic and anxiety by allowing them to calm down throughout the whole procedure.

“While helping patients sustain a healthy and balanced mouth, attempting to maintain the teeth without the need of avoidable dental work is a top priority,” says Dr. Adami. “Persons who suffer from the repercussions having to do with missing teeth will find a variety of treatments at my office for any expense plan, particularly with the progress of dental technology!”

Ryan U. described his experience at Designer Family Dental: “Always hated doing to the dentist but this place makes it seem as casual as going to grocery store. The entire staff was upbeat and ready to do anything to make you feel comfortable. Massage chairs while you get your teeth cleaned? Yes, please. They did a fantastic job and the dentist was personable, short and to the point. 10/10 would get cleaned again.”

Outside of operating his dental office, Dr. Adami has been organizing programs to assist the local community that include blood drives, free dentistry, and food drive campaigns for CROS Ministries (Christians Reaching Out to Society).

Find out more about Dr. Adami and his team of professionally trained dentists, who service the individuals of Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton and close-by areas.

Learn about their approach to missing teeth and the options for solutions here:

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