Dgenex: Commission Free Cryptocurrency Exchange Launches

March 19th, 2018 – Are you a cryptocurrency trader and tired of paying too much in the name of Exchange fees and commission?

Look no further as Dgenex is here to revolutionize the cryptocurrency trading and turn your Utopian dream of a commission free exchange into reality.

There are two main problems with current cryptocurrency exchanges out there. Firstly, Cryptocurrency exchanges rip the traders off their profits in the name of fees and commission and in some cases traders end up losing money even when they made profit on the actual trade.

Secondly, traders have to deposit their money with the Exchanges, where the money is at the risk of being stolen by hackers, withheld by the exchange or frozen by the authorities.

Dgenex can solve these problems

Our Business Model

Dgenex is building a commission free exchange that will not charge fees of any kind. Dgenex has created its own cryptocurrency, the DGX token that traders must acquire to complete a trade. An exchange that charges no fees or commission will attract a large number of investors that will make DGX tokens very desirable and increase token price.

“Dgenex will cover the cost of running the exchange by creating a small number of new tokens each year instead of charging transaction fees on trades. The increased price of DGX token will outweigh the inflationary cost of creating new tokens. The number of new tokens created will be decided by the existing token holders through a decentralized voting platform.” Dgenex Does not require traders to deposit their money with the exchange but traders keep their funds in decentralized independent smart contracts built on Ethereum blockchain. This keeps traders completely safe from Exchange hack losses and Identity theft.

“Talking about security, Dgenex is using the most advanced end to end encrypted technology and programming language Ejabberd (XMPP) and Erlang for its Exchange platform. Whatsapp and iMessage use the same technology.”

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Media Contact
Company Name: Dgenex
Email: support@dgenex.com
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.dgenex.com/